The Wall Street Journal Magazine's Editorial Calendar is here!


The Wall Street Journal Magazine’s editorial calendar has been added to our database!

As the world’s leading luxury magazine covering art, entertainment, fashion, travel, design and more, there is ample opportunity for pitching your unique brand.

This year’s themes include a hotly anticipated Spring Fashion series, with one issue dedicated towards women’s fashion and another focused on men’s styles. What or who will you be wearing this season? Or will they be wearing you? They just might!

Their summer issue will focus on seasonal destinations, escapes and activities. Who can resist a relaxing getaway, a well deserved respite from the bitterness of winter. Also, an entire issue is being dedicated to the INNOVATORS of our time. Be inspired and find your creative launchpad with the WSJ editorial calendar, available with Tin Shingle. Find every deadline, every theme and anything else you need to know to make your pitch a successful one.

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