Tin Shingle Member Interviews MSNBC's JJ Ramberg


The fundamental part of Tin Shingle's educational training is to make buzz about your brand to get the word out about how awesome it is. This goes for any small business, whether service-based, storefront, product or even event focused. Often times, this involves more than just organic PR; meaning more than just pitching your gorgeous shoes to the latest issues of Elle, Oprah, and the Today Show. 

Tin Shingle trains entrepreneurs to use many other avenues to promote your business - such as social media, community events, and even your own business blog. A praiseworthy member of Tin Shingle, Kathyrn Brooks, did just that! Kathryn Brooks is the founder and CEO of She's Her Own CEO, a lifestyle and fashion brand for emerging entrepreneurs who lead, provide, and create. 

Kathryn has started a series on her business blog where she guest interviews talented ladies such as lifestyle journalist and expert Trae Bodge, CNN producer Nadia Bilchik, and most recently MSNBC's Your Business host, JJ Ramberg.  In her most current edition of guest interviews, Kathryn takes a deeper look into the personal life of JJ, as well as gains insight on her early business aspirations as well as what gives her confidence an ability to be successful. Be sure to read the whole interview at ShesHerOwnCEO.com.

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways for entrepreneurs to tell the story behind their brand and bring life and vitality to their website. Blog content also builds credibility, especially for experts like She's Her Own CEO and service providers. And bonus: the more content the bigger footprint you build for people to find you. Yes, blogs can be the shiny touch that catches the eye of your next client, customer, or even press interested in your brand.

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