Valentine's Day Pitching Guide


Don't Let This Gift Guide Slip Your Mind

Many this time of year are busy focusing their attention and planning on holiday placement; be it for gift guides, stories, or even advertisement. This is for good reason as holiday stories can make a lot of buzz for your brand.  However, print magazines have long moved away from the holiday extravaganza and began focusing on spring.

But, wait...there is one gift guide you still need to keep your eyes on - Valentine's Day. Many publications feature variously themed gift guides in February, creating the opportunity for you to pitch your product (or service: gift cards!), or better yet send in your own curated guide with the products you sell. Ie: gift guide for the bookworm.

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After all of that pitching for November and December, we don't want you to grow tired and forget the most important PR pointers. Or throw in the towel because, after all your hard work, you heard nothing back from the editors at your most wanted magazines. Browse through these study guides in Tin Shingle's Education Center, available to all Tin Shingle members.  There are guides for every step of the way - even what to do after an editor shows interest. Here are some that are especially helpful:

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