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COUPON: Is the 'Deal of the Day' Dead?

Last week I started doing the unthinkable. I clicked ‘Unsubscribe’ from Groupon. And from Living Social. And from Gilt Groupe. And from Bloomspot. And from BuyWithMe. And from JDeal (yup, there are Kosher deals to be had)! And there are others that I’ve relegated to ‘Trash’ status automatically without even bothering to Unsubscribe.

Mark Cuban on Entrepreneurship in 2010: From Media Villains to Mobile Changing Everything

Today I was reading my daily Forbes.com newsletter and came across a great Mark Cuban referred to me by my partner at Red Branch PR, Michael Quinlan.  Normally we find Mark to be a bit of an abrasive, in your face personality, but when we checked out this link our opinions changed a bit. 


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