New Template! Blog Planning and Production Calendar Ready for Download


Tin Shingle has released its 2016 Blog Planning and Production Calendar template, with over 250 ideas to help you come up with blog posts that highlight your business. The secret to creating an enticing blog - one that helps new customers find your business and makes what you sell irresistible - is planning ahead and sticking to the plan.

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Blogs are vital to spreading the word about your business! Here's why:

  • Publish That Great Idea
    Did you pitch the press a fabulous idea that didn't get picked up? Use it on your blog! Publish your own article!
  • Google Will Find You
    Especially important for websites with 5-10 pages. You have your basic pages: About, Press, Testimonials, etc. And then what? Google and other search engines are hungry for new content. Give it to them.
  • Something to Talk About
    You can only socialize your home page so many times. Your people want new stuff from you. Give it to them.



Developed and used by professional bloggers, this easy to use calendar contains over 250 article inspirations that will help you get ideas for what to write about. Our template is organized into 12 months with 365 days. Tap on a month and assign your dream article to which day you'll publish it on.

  • At-a-Glance Design for Every Day/Week
    You'll be able to look at an entire month to see which article is publishing in which week.
  • Social Media Post Reminder
    Make sure those blog posts get socialized with a special column to hold someone accountable to creating that social share.
  • Production Coordination
    Assign who does what for each article. Are you writing the copy, but your assistant or web person is uploading it to the blog complete with pictures and links? Keep track of it here which helps production teams plan ahead.
  • Deadlines
    When does this blog post need to be written by and made pretty? Assign a deadline date, as well the date it should go live.
  • Color Code!
    Adult coloring is trending for a reason - because people love to see things in color and organized. You can add to this template by using color coding of your own. The calendar is in Excel, so it's easy.

Eli Barret, Testimonial for Tin Shingle's Blog Planning Calendar


Once purchased, you download the calendar directly to your computer. It is an Excel file, giving you total freedom to play with lists and columns. Everything is organized for you. If you are a fan of Google Docs/Drive, you can upload this blog planning and production calendar to Google Docs/Drive and have it at the tap of your Google app.

Take a Peek Into Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar

Liz Picazarri's Testimonial for Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar



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