Getting Press via a Blogger and Your Affiliate Program


Bloggers are the rising stars of the Internet. From bloggers who create digital worlds in fashion, local, food, music, tech, motorcycles, everything, it's a great place to publish and be published in because the content is so focused. If the blogger has done their job, their audience trusts their recommendations and features the blog publishes.

The .EDU team at Tin Shingle is putting together a class with Jamie Werner, PR Director at Moderne PR, so that we can get the inside scoop on how publicists and small businesses are working with a strategy in blog PR: affiliate links and relationships.

How to Work with Style BloggersIf you listened to our class with Jamie on How to Work with a Style Blogger, you know that Jamie and I touched on this topic, and we agreed to do a followup class on it. When pitching a blog, sometimes publicists and small businesses themselves are asked a question by the blogger's team: "Do you have an affiliate program?"

There have been times when a blogger will be more inclined to promote a brand that does offer an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where a website mentions a brand, and links to that brand's website. If readers buy the product or the service after clicking on that link, the blogger (or any website publisher that uses an affiliate link) gets a sales commission from the sale.

What do you want to know from this class? Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!