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Instagram Cheat Sheet

If an photo is posted to Instagram without a hashtag, does it make a sound? Barely. And not even your own followers may see it, thanks to Instagram changing their algorithm to not show you pictures chronologically anymore. It mingles with other photos when you include a hashtag into your photo caption. Like #yummy or #nomnomnom for really good food, or #bighairdontcare for a big hair style.

People navigate Instagram by clicking on hashtags of things they are interested in. People make up unique hashtags all the time, and sometimes those hashtags take off.

The digital team at Tin Shingle collects these hashtags and adds them to Tin Shingle's Exclusive Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet. Each hashtag is checked to make sure it contains a collection of good photos, and then is added to the list as a recommended hashtag to use. The Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet is available to Tin Shingle members only, and are grouped by industry. It's a living guide, so we add to it on a ongoing basis. It's one of many buzz-building tools that come with membership, so check out what you've been missing if you're not a member yet.

If you want to contribute to this Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet Guide, you can email your suggestion to This is good for people who:

  • Are having great luck and getting big reach from certain hashtags.
  • Are trying to create a movement with a hashtag they made up and want to connect with others on it.

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