#MoneyMonday: Just Donate!


Monday's around here at Tin Shingle are filled with motivation. Sometimes we channel that motivation into the theme of getting money things done - like pitching a new client or advertiser, or designing a financial class with money experts who specialize in working with entrepreneurs and artists (yes, look for that signup opportunity!) It could even mean sending out invoices, paying invoices, or signing on with a new ecommerce tools at your website (yes, that's going on over here!) We call it #MoneyMondays.

Last Monday, we used the theme to focus on donating money. We share an office with our sister company,  A Little Beacon Blog, which is a local online newspaper in New York. Months ago, they hosted an event that was both a kid's haircut day, as well as a chance to donate to the local elementary schools via a facepainting table. It was a success, and A Little Beacon Blog matched what was raised by parents who opted to have their childrens' faces painted to bring the total to $130. Last Monday, the check was written and put into the mail, with the intention of hosting more events with a dedicated fundraising jar to collect for the other schools in our local district.

Do you have a donating plan with your business? Tell us about it in the Comments below.