#SmallBizSnacks: Hudson Henry Baking Company Turns Sabina into "One of Those People Who Like Granola"


Until this past week I wouldn't have had much to say had you asked me what I thought about granola.  In fact, I didn't think much about it at all.  But with the arrival of a couple new granola companies to the Tin Shingle community I found myself on the receiving end of two bags of the oat-y snack from Hudson Henry Baking Co. yesterday afternoon.  Within five minutes of its arrival (hey, I was hungry) I was re-thinking all my previous assumptions about something that I'd previously assumed was what healthy people tried to trick you into thinking was a "fun treat".  This stuff is addictively delicious.

Before you even dig in you'll see that their packaging and branding is beautiful! Heralded as Good News Granola, the twelve ounce bags that arrived at my place were Hudson Henry's Handcrafted Granola with Cashews & Coconut and their Maple, Pecans & Coconut flavor.  I spent a good few minutes eating while standing over my desk - I was "comparing and contrasting flavors for editorial purposes - and I'd made my decision by the time I'd swallowed my first couple handfuls.

My assessment?  If you're a granola lover already then let your fingers fly over to the Hudson Henry's website and snag some ASAP.  The way the pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, oats, brown sugar, sea salt and coconut oil all blend together is unreal.  If you're not a granola lover see this as your chance to become one.  I did and I now have to hide the bag from myself like I do cookies.  That said, unlike most boxes of cookies, I can actually read and understand the ingredients on this container, I love the small business story behind it and the product is perfection!

Snag your own Hudson Henry Granola on their website and be sure to follow Hope and the whole team on Facebook and Twitter!



Thanks so very much Sabina!  I am loving the whole experience of running this little granola company and am so happy to have found Tin Shingle!  Enjoy the granola!



Nicely, done!

Hope, so happy you found TinShingle! I know Katie from our NYC days...
Katie (& Sabina), glad you featured Hope! I recently met Hope at my shop...

Small world! Go, ladies!