Why Should My Business Have a Blog: 8 Simple Reasons from Sabina


If I had a dollar for every small business I encouraged to create a blog, I'd be getting myself a little "high five" in the form of this sassy little puppy.  But alas, I personally feel like all too often I see companies that aren't taking advantage of this powerful, free and brand-directed business tool.  Don't get me wrong, I, like many of you, feel that if you're not going to do a good job at something you best not do it, and I know that lack of time often makes you think you won't be able to create a blog for your company and run it well.  That said, I believe in business we make time for what is important, a priority and what could bring our company great ROI.  I think for many of you, a blog is one of those things.  As part of my campaign to get you to begin thinking strategically and creatively about a possible blog (or more stratetgic use of your blog if you already have one) I've laid out a few -  well eight reasons (plus bonus one 'cause I love ya) - blogs are one of my favorite buzz building business tools.

What’s the point of having a blog as a business?

  1. You can create quality and shareable content that can be passed along to social media, customers and more.
  2. You have the power to drive traffic to different parts of your company’s website that you want to give attention to.
  3. Having a company or personal blog lets you control and maintain your image.
  4. A blog lets companies "pull back the curtain" and show people about who they are.  People love seeing the face or team behind the brand - that can keep them passionate about your business and mission like you won't believe!
  5. Helps you improve brand awareness and engagement with current and future customers and clients.
  6. Helps new customers & clients find you through key word searches. BAM! That means you're getting buzz while you sleep! Literally!
  7. Experts can prove they are valuable source of information. 
  8. Newsworthy interviews or content on your blog can lead to pick up in other blogs and media outlets, further growing your brand's visibility, traffic and name recognition!

Bonus idea? You can make content work double time and turn the tips you created for your blog into a service/expert based pitch!  Both ways of sharing your knowledge show you are an industry leader!

I hope I've planted the seed - blogs can be your sercret weapon for public relations, SEO, sales and more! I'm so geeked out about them I'll be back to share more reasons soon along with some of my favorite examples of small business owners like you putting their blog ideas into action.


Sabina, I could not agree more! I am always telling people the same thing, "Get a blog!" Our blog has been the single most valuable asset we have as a business (besides our product, of course!). We love telling our stories as a family and the stories behind why we make the art we do. Although it's hard to create content, it's such a valuable tool as a business owner. Thanks for your post!