Have You Tried this Strategy to Boost Instagram Engagement & Get More Followers?


Ah, Instagram. It's still a rather new frontier for most small business owners and experts.  Whether you're a newbie or were an early adopter you're still probably focused on growing both our engagement and following as more of both of them means more buzz, visibility and potential sales for your brand.

Sure you've heard tips about including hashtags and selecting awesome on-brand images for your feed, but have you tried this tactic to get a quick boost in interaction and followers?

Click on Sabina's face for this awesome video #TinShingleTip!


Test this strategy out for the next week or two and let us know how it works for you!

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I def don't agree...I think it's splitting your brand and followers in too many ways and I don't know many - if any - small to mid sized brands that do that - not even big ones...It's also too much work.

Instead I think it's important to just own and rock your one feed, but perhaps vary the types of posts you do to keep the interest of all your fans: behind the scenes, inspiration, photos of what you're up to...As long as it always "feels" like your brand.

That said if people who are stars of your movie or directors etc want their own accounts that would make sense.  For instance, at Tin Shingle we have one account and then Katie and myself each have our own feeds!

Hope that helps!