Motivation Mix: Tin Shingle's Ashley Broussard Spins Tunes as the Featured Virtual DJ


Meet Ashley, our amazing editorial assistant over here at Tin Shingle.  You KNOW this girl has energy in bulk and motivation coming out her ears, you have to in order to keep up with Team Tin Shingle.  Not only does Ashley deliver awesomeness on a daily basis to our website, but she does it with a smile, and at a pace that would make some break a sweat. This all led me to wonder, "What tunes does Ashley blast at home while working on the Tin Shingle universe?"  My question was answered this week because Ashley is today's DJ for the Monday Motivation Mix.  Listen to her tunes, snag 'em if you don't have them yet, and jam out while you work on your business goals big and small!




Waka Waka(This time for Africa) > Shakira
Every time I hear this, I first of all get excited, as I soon will be on an amazing trip to Africa!  However, the song's composition is just full of life and energy.  It immediately gets me moving, whether at my desk or in my running shoes.

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice > Dixie Chicks
They have been a long time favorite band of mine, as I am secretly a country girl at heart.  This track however, is just completely powerful.  The lyrics, arrangement, and instrumentals stir up emotion and strength.  I love that about it.

MTA > Kingston Trio
This song is purely a favorite as it will always be a huge part of my childhood and life long memory.  It reminds me of the best city in the world and my home-Boston! Always remember your roots.  I think it keeps us all grounded and balanced.  Besides the fiddle is upbeat and I can belt it out in my home office without anyone knowing!

Video > India.Arie
This is my feel good song.  My pick me up.  When I am feeling defeated, down, or unappreciated this song comes to mind. Success is not determined by how much money we make, how many clients we have or really how "far" our business has gone. Success is about what kind of person we are, how we can showcase that to others and affect their life for the better.

Coming Home > John Legend
First of all : Amazing Vocals, Amazing Lyrics, and Amazing Performer.  Raw talent is most certainly displayed in his music.  This particular song has vitality to me.  The heartbeat in the background has a soothing but motivating affect. I like it. :)

The Piano Guys
All of their music is AH MA ZING!  Really and truly if you have not heard about these guys, stop, and google them.  This is my thinking music, my reading emails music, my "its time to take a clarifying breath music." I tried to narrow down one track but, I just couldn't. They have many original compositions and also cover popular songs which they have rearranged.  The instrumentals are truly powerful and captivating.

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I LOVE the Piano Guys! I fell in love with their music when my daughter's cello instructor suggested we check them out. We couldn't stop watching thier videos. So cool and creative. I could listen all day.

Great list DJ Ashley!!!