How to Pitch Daily Candy - The Secret Behind the Possible Dream


How to Pitch Daily CandyAre you really ready for Daily Candy?  What does it take?  A few Tin Shingle members have been featured on Daily Candy - and not just once! Tin Shingle member Amy Demas of Bestow Boutique was featured in Daily Candy, Rachel Dooley of Gemma Redux (twice, once in article and once as a produced video), Jill Frechtman of Fretzels by Jill for a gift guide edition, and more! 

Rarely a day goes by that a designer or entrepreneur fails to ask me how to get on Daily Candy, and I have decided that in the interest of everyone, it's time to get down & dirty with Daily Candy, and talk about how to get in, who they are looking for, and how it will affect your brand.  The latter is extremely important because as much as we fantasize about getting that hit, if you aren't prepared it could break your brand.  

NOTE! We've since moved this article to our Experts section. You can find the article in full here:

How to Pitch and Get Daily Candy Press and Prepare for the Placement

Covered in the article:

  • What Daily Candy looks for in a product
  • Your website and how you convey your brand
  • Was a similar brand covered recently?
  • How you pitch Daily Candy
  • How to contact Daily Candy once you're ready
  • How to prepare once you are picked to be featured on Daily Candy


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This is a really great article, Sabina! It's beyond informative and will help me avoid making mistakes with DC. Would love to see more articles like this about differenct media outlets.

Sabina - your insights and tips are right on the mark. Our company, Mama Says, was so thrilled to be featured in Daily Candy - Atlanta in October 08. And you outlined the process perfectly. Best, Lynn

Hey, thanks a lot for the info, I just got an email from DailyCandy, and I wasn't sure exactly how much prep I should do since I have no idea what kind of response it will bring. It looks like I should do more than I was going to... Great tips! Thanks very much, Eric

Sabina - thank you for this great article. As a new small business owner, it's exciting to know the possibility is there and also the reminder that there are other outlets.
Best, Maria

Thanks for the info! I've been wondering about this. I've seen other Etsy - based designers get featured & was curious. I'll be featured in a January 2011 magazine [national - sold everywhere] & that really got me thinking about my jewelry. Lots of ideas flowing!
- Kat.

Great article. One question... do you pitch through the Daily Candy website under "Contact Us" or is there another way? I haven't found a direct e-mail address. Thanks.

Hey Derek,


Glad you enjoyed the article! We have contacts for Daily Candy and other media in our member media directory, and also supply Daily Candy editor specific emails with members who share relevant pitches that would match, and at times pass along the brands directly to the team.


Though an amazing get for an brand, we find the formula really is having a Daily Candy-esque product and getting it to them before it's been overexposed.  It's also often helpful for the brand itself to reach out as opposed to a publicist.


Have a great day!

Thanks for a great article. I've thought of a dozen different ways to pitch to Daily Candy, and not once thought of the "to do's" if picked.

Thanks again!