How to get 2K Web Hits (a day) By Your 2nd day of Launching with No Press


I wanted to think of a sassy title for this blog but then I decided forget it, I want you to know exactly what you're getting - great advice from a fellow entrepreneur!  

Tin Shingle member Judy Goss, founder of the Over Forty Female Movement, has a special place in my heart as I not only count her as a friend and colleague, but I've watched her grow as an entrepreneur and leader since I met her a few years ago while she was working at More Magazine.  Since then a lot has changed, and one of her biggest projects (and I'd say fastest successes) was the launch of her website,

Why do I see her launch as a great success?  Well beyond the fact that I think any woman (or man) taking a risk, launching a good or service or website and striking out on their own is a success story in itself, Judy launched her website with NO press coverage and on it's second day she had already garnered over 2,000 hits a day (and it's still growing) for this online home to her Over 40 Females Movement.

After I congratulated Judy on the successful launch, I immediately wanted to know "how did you do it?" and my suspicions were fight - a lot of it had to do with her mastery of social media.  I asked Judy for her tips and she obliged.  You can find these tips below.....

How I Got 2,000 Hits on My Website's Second Day Live (without any press), by Judy Goss:

Begin building your fan base and buzz on Facebook & Twitter prior to your launch (for Judy this was months prior).

Always be consistent in your postings, always (try as best you can) answer people when they "@" you or "friend" you, and definitely when they message or direct message you.

Created a Fan Page only for the upcoming website - not a personal page.

While building my website (a good 2-3 wks before launch) I "ramped up" the interest...made a simple blog that I forwarded from my main domain "".  In other words, when you typed in " the site would forward to a free wordpress blog, until I got the official site launched.  This kept the buzz building.

While ramping up, I posted things on FB and Twitter that piqued interest like "Professional experts waiting for you on" and had a countdown for the launch, etc.
(*note from Sabina: My interest was captured just by trying to figure out what Judy's OFF teasers meant - I wanted to know too!)

When people joined my FB fan page, I thanked as many as I could and mentioned the launch of, AND friended all the people that weren't my friends on my personal page.

I made sure to update my Tin Shingle member profile and share the launch with other members and on the website.

At launching time, I emailed my friends who had a lot of members and asked them if they wouldn't mind posting my site on their FB page, Twitter, etc.

Most important thing for social media - be consistent, to the point, and humor & giveaways are the icing on the cake.

Good Karma:  Whoever r helps you out with a Twitter or FB or whatever, make sure you return the favor if you haven't already!! Or at least thank them.

One more thing - if you are a Tin Shingle member and would like to share your story with Judy (first check out the site to see if you're a good fit), send your information to and we'll pass it along!  You can also send it along our PR Leads Submission form.