The NOT Going Out of Business Sale!


Fish Eddy's NOT Going Out of Business SaleI spotted this storefront while reading our local daily newspaper, AMNY. Maybe you've seen this in your town, but around here, there are plenty of "Recession Lunch Special!" signs on many restaurant windows. But this sale takes the cake from Fish Eddys: "The NOT Going Out of Business Sale!" And its sister, the "Chase Bank NOT Coming Soon Sale". Big chain drugstores and banks are gobbling up prime real estate on parts of Broadway that run through neighborhoods, thus enticing landlords to hike the rent on boutiques and local restaurants, causing them to not renew leases. So to see this ad campaign is fantastic!

Photos by Rolando Pujol



I love that there is LOVE for small, local independent bsuiness owners out there! We need to keep these folks alive and in business! Great photo. Thanks!