Entrepreneur Day (as a holiday) - Who's With Me??


So, my husband and I are going to a wedding over Valentine's Day weekend, and I made the plane reservations for Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Working for myself means that I'm on my own schedule, pretty much, so I could have stayed until Monday morning, which is what I sometimes do when visiting friends or family. My hubby, however, is on a film job, so most likely needed to be back.

Neither of us realized that Monday is a holiday. It was my mom who reminded me: "Why don't you stay the extra day? It's a holiday!" Holiday? Does that affect me?

Ever since becoming a full fledged entrepreneur, and working for myself, paying my own health insurance, paying into my own IRA with no 'matching program', I look at Monday holidays as quiet days, days to get things done. Come to think of it, before I broke out on my own, I used Monday holidays to develop my business, and relished in the day not have to go to the day job.

That said, it is for the mental health of all of us, that we must take a day or a week off! Perhaps if there was an official Entrepreneur Day, we would remember to shut everything off and just be on vacation for a minute. It's not like we need government approval for this. We won't be paying into it as a paid holiday. All we really need is for all of us to stop working on one day. Stop emailing each other for one day (although I'd miss everyone). And maybe if Macy's or Sleepy's had a big sale in the name of Entrepreneur Day, that would also recognize it, like they do for Columbus Day and President's Day.




Amen! Sign me up! Although it will be difficult for me to "do nothing" or actually (gasp!) relax, I'll give it a whirl. And speaking of so-called free days... I'd like to make a movement to actually get my weekends back. Weekend...? Free time..?? What's that? ;)

Back to work .....

Weekend...those are funny! I would say: Let's organize an activity for this Entrepreneur Day, but in theory, we should all be off-email! We're thinking June...as that's a time when we may be winding down anyway, and a perfect time for Spring Fever, to just spend the day outside, taking it in, recharging...