Starting Tuesday - Tin Shingle's 1st Group PR Challenge!


This week marks the first in a new extension for Tin Shingle - meeting in groups in person via video conferencing in our first Group PR Challenge. Members of Tin Shingle are located all over the US, and some in other countries. The value of speaking to like-minded people about work you are passionate about is unmatched when meeting in person. There is still time for you to join this Group PR Challenge that meets every other Tuesday starting tomorrow, May 24th, 2016. First, you must be a member of Tin Shingle (join here). Once you activate your subscription membership, then click here to get the secret link that gets you to the video conference group at GoToWebinar. It's super easy, I promise. Just follow the links.

The Purpose:
To hold yourself accountable to pitching the press and getting the media your business deserves.

Come Prepared:
We are working closely with Tin Shingle's Media Outreach Tracking Sheet that is free for Tin Shingle members. A fresh version of it has been uploaded to Tin Shingle, so be sure you log in and visit this page to download it. Save it on your computer. Tin Shingle co-founder Katie will be moderating this Group PR Challenge, and recommends that you upload the template into your Google Docs/Drive. The template is an Excel file, and it's going to be an extension of your brain. You're going to want it on the go, where you can access it via the Google Drive app on your phone.

Homework for Tuesday for those who are in the PR Challenge Group:

  • Declare at least 1 media outlet you are going after.
  • Declare at least 1 person in the media you are watching in social media to get to know their style and start engaging with them.
  • This first week is Week A, where we focus on "short lead media" which is blogs, TV, radio, and weeklies. We will be reviewing the Blog Planning and Production Calendar for monthly holiday and theme based ideas (download it here). The next session will be Week B, which focuses on "long lead media" which are national magazines, and will review Editorial Calendars in Tin Shingle's collection.

Communicate Via PR Challenge Thread in Community Boards
We will keep all communications in a dedicated thread to the Group starting on Tuesday. To follow this Group PR Challenge, enter a comment in this thread and it will subscribe you to emails about it. However, to officially sign up to the group in order to be in on our video calls, you will need to be sure you are subscribed to a Tin Shingle membership, and then click here to the special thread in our Community Boards to get the super secret link.

Signed Up So Far:
We are keeping these Challenge Groups small so that individualized attention and conversations can take place. There is room for a few more. You do not need to be the business owner, you can be a marketer for a business. These are only available to members of Tin Shingle, of which you are one! Sign up today to join this group by clicking here.

See you in the Group PR Challenge!