Send Your Favorite Business A Valentine: Write Them A 5-Star Review!


This Challenge was issued to Tin Shingle Members the Monday before Valentine's Day - to send their favorite business a Valentine by way of a good review. That's a Valentine that keeps on giving and giving!

Facebook is being very promotional right now of when reviews are written, and is encouraging those who Check In to places to write a review of their experience. As we discussed in an SEO TuneUp with expert Kate Saunders, Google is cultivating the reviews also from several social networks, so these really do matter a lot.

When you leave a few reviews, tell us who you left them for, and tag them in a Comment on Tin Shingle's Facebook page!

Ok, so I've convinced you to go write a review. But go check your own Facebook Business Page before you tell your friends to leave you a Review. Can you even find the Reviews tab on it? If you cannot, we have an "Ask The Expert" article that explains how to move your Reviews tab in simple terms and pictures.

How Reviews look in your Facebook Business Page

Where To Find The Reviews Tab On Your Facebook Business Page