How Do I Add Reviews To My Facebook Business Page?


Your Facebook Business Page most likely has the Reviews tab enabled already, but it may be buried under other tabs, so that even you cannot find it. If you can't find it, how will a happy customer when they want to leave a review on your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook tinkers all of the time with its layout, and doesn't always tell you when a change went into effect. Here is how to un-bury your customer and client Reviews, which can often tip a customer over the edge of the fence towards buying your product or service.

  1. The Review Tab: It's on the left side of the screen. The display for it will be in the center of the news feed of your Business Facebook Page. Often times, the Review tab will default to being at the very bottom of the list in the left navigation, and therefore the very bottom of your news feed, which people will never see.
    Reviews in the left side column of Facebook Business Page
  2. To move the Review Tab click on Settings at the top right of your Facebook page.
    Using the Settings link to get to Reviews
  3. Edit Page: Back to the left side of the screen, click Edit Page with the gear icon on it.

  4. Drag and Drop Reviews: In the center of the screen, scroll down until you see something about Tabs. Under that will be a list. Look for Reviews at the bottom of that list. In fact, take a look at the list as a whole. Are there old or irrelevant tabs that you don't use anymore that you could delete or turn off? Take this time to clean this up. Reviews are very important to your customer buying process, so move the Reviews to the top of the page. My recommendation is in 3rd place, after Posts and Photos. If you are very active with videos, then consider having Videos come 3rd, but evaluate this according to your branding.
    Moving Review Tab in the Middle of Facebook Business Page


You now have your Reviews displayed prominently on your Facebook Business Page, and happy clients and customers can easily find it to leave a good review.

Your Reviews at your Facebook Business Page will look like this in different situations:

Recent Activity:
Facebook is really plugging Reviews, and shows them in your Recent Activity. If someone liked one that you left, and if some people recently left a review where you just did.

Facebook is making Reviews show up in Recent Activity

Reviews Displayed On Your Facebook Business Page

Reviews as displayed for readers on your Facebook Business Page

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