Random Acts of Pitching: CBS, Ellen, Bust, Better Homes & Gardens


Random Acts of Pitching™ is a member-only benefit that Tin Shingle members from all over the country get to enjoy with very little effort on their parts.

Random Acts of PitchingWhen conducting Random Acts of Pitching, we not only take member products & media kits with us when the Tin Shingle PR team attends desksides  but we also wear it, show it off, or when we get leads, we immediately think of what Tin Shingle member in the Entrepreneur Directory is the best fit.  This week, we were able to share fashion-based members with People StyleWatch, and Sabina was actually wearing Gemma Redux at Bust Magazine when there for meetings – they loved the piece. The team also received news that since last week's Random Acts of Pitching™, Cynthia Gale & Stefany DiManno's brands were called in for a photo shoot at Better Homes & Gardens (we'll see what happens!)  When CBS called for baby shower products, we immediately thought of Nomie Baby & Organic Cottontail, as both of them follow up on our leads weekly and recently sent us their new media kits. We also sent over Maternal Dance – of course - for new mommies to get back into shape!
Finally, and this is the most fun of the week – The Ellen Degeneres Show product placement team is talking to us and that means two things: Tin Shingle members will get a special PR Lead from us, and in the meantime, we will dive into the Entrepreneur Directory to start pulling contenders.

Two questions for you:
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2. If you are a Tin Shingle member, have you updated your personal profile and uploaded your business(s) logo, business description, links to find you, Marketplace ad, and more? Stay current!

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