Fall Desksides - are you on them, do you know what they are?


Yesterday I was at a great business breakfast with Candace Craig, the pr and marketing strategist at Tarte Cosmetics.  Candace does just wonderful things for the brand and their pr and marketing strategy.  While catching up on all things public relations we began talking about our fall desksides.  For those of you who don't know, desksides are when you actually do a "meet and greet" with the editor who covers your brand's categories (fashion/accessories/food/business/etc) and really get face time to pitch them and show them the products you can share with their readers.  

We tend to do them every season to show them what's coming up in the following season.  For instance, though it's May to us in the real world, in the magazine world they're pulling ideas and products for fall, so they need to see items they can showcase that will be available 4-6 months from now.  Desksides are great because you can show them how your products work, connect and build a relationship with valuable contacts, and really share your whole line without having to rush through an email. 

How many to people schedule?  I personally have over 18 in the next couple weeks and am still booking, to give you an idea of how busy they can be.  A tip?  Schedule several at the same magazine for the same day so you can stay in the building and work your way around the different publications.

Want some more tips?  I found a great online article by an editor from Rachael Ray Magazine with the editor's side of things - enjoy!