Quote: Some People Dream of Success...


Some People Dream of Success, Other People Stay Awake At Night to Achieve It Kiki Rupert of Honest Earth Candles @TinShingle @HonestCandles

"Some people dream of success; other people stay awake and achieve it." - Kiki Rupert, Founder Honest Earth Candles

Kiki is a long time friend of Tin Shingle and now a member using Tin Shingle's platform to boost her buzz building efforts in PR and online marketing. We follow the success of all of our members in our Tin Shingle Member List at Twitter, and see that Kiki is always kicking butt at night. It's no wonder, as she is a mother of three children, takes advantage of the tools around her, and has a beautiful product that is in demand. Kiki is an inspiration!



It is so beautiful and your words are too kind! Thank you! Thank you! And I have noted that this is exactly how you are suppossed to take a quote and spin it to reflect your brand/business. I get it crystal clear now! You TinShingle ladies are so darn good at your job! I love it! I really do learn something valuable and new every day through Tin Shingle that keeps me even more motivated and more inspired.