Live Versions of Weekly Webinar TuneUps Are Now FREE


Guess What!?

Our weekly live webinars, AKA our #TuneUp classes, that teach entrepreneurs and small business teams of all kinds how to build buzz for their brands and how to master PR, social media and online marketing are now FREE!

Yes, you heard us, listening live is now free. That means that every Wednesday, at 12 PM EST you need to set an alert in your calendar to ding you every Wednesday when the clock strikes 12PM EST, where you can join us and our amazing guest experts as we demystify all things buzz building, give real-time strategic advice and answer your questions live, on during the webinar! The webinars are recorded and made available for instantly watching by Premium Members of Tin Shingle for free, and are available for purchase a la cart by everyone!

This is just one of a few big, awesome changes we're making over here at Tin Shingle as our mission to make PR, social media and online marketing accessible and success-able (yup, we just made up a word for it) for all!

Kick this new era off with us and join us tomorrow! Spoiler Alert: our next webinar is a must-attend!  Sign up for it here!