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Tin Shingle brings top experts to our communities of business owners and marketers to help you develop your marketing campaigns - in real time. These classes, passionately known as TuneUps, are developed in line with what is working now for today's businesses as new technologies and strategic thinking develops. Industry leaders contribute to Tin Shingle's unique and very popular classes called TuneUps in the fields of PR, social media, SEO, sales, website design, and other tactics for building buzz for and getting the word out about your business. TuneUps are free for premium members of Tin Shingle, and available to the public for purchase at any time.

Sarah Crow

Contritibuting Writer to GQ, MTV, Seventeen, Bridal Guide, and More



Karina Rabin

Co-founder, Hang-O-Matic

Karina is a mom of 2 boys, 4 yr and 7 months.  I have been married for 8 years and my husband and I manufacture the Hang-O-Matic out of our garage since 2014.  I do sales, marketing, social media, PR, packaging, shipping and customer service. My husband handles the big things like flying to see retail buyers and reading contracts and makes the financial decisions.

Website: www.hangomatic.com
Twitter: @hangomatic
Instagram: @hangomatic
Facebook: @Hangomatic1000

Jackie Foley

Photographer JacPfef

Jackie's photo assignments include online magazines, charities, makers, coaches, social media influencers, manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, restaurants, yoga & pilates studios, and an international boarding school in Paris, where she got to spend the week photographing bright kids from all around the world.

Website: www.jacpfef.com
Instagram: @jacpfefphoto
Facebook: @jacpfefphoto

Katharine Contag

Founder and CEO of ColorClutch

Katharine is the founder and CEO of Color Clutch, a brand focused on innovative storage solutions for nail polish.  Their best-selling product is a case that holds nearly any type of nail polish in just two inches of space. Color Clutch launched in September 2014 and has been featured in top publications such as O The Oprah Magazine and Nail It! Magazine, and PopSugar. Color Clutch has also partnered with top nail brands such as essie and Zoya.

Katharine came up with the idea for Color Clutch while living in a tiny New York City studio apartment.  She was frustrated with her jumbled nail polish collection that took up too much space and was difficult to keep organized. Shocked that there weren’t any compact cases for nail polish on the market, she decided to create one herself.

Prior to Color Clutch, Katharine held Finance and Marketing positions at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and BaubleBar, an online jewelry retailer based in New York City.  She started her career as a sales associate at Nordstrom, where she immediately fell in love with the world of beauty and retail.  Katharine is originally from Palo Alto, California where early on she developed a love for tinkering and challenging the status quo. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband.

Website: www.ColorClutch.com
Instagram: @colorclutch
Facebook: @colorclutch
Twitter: @colorclutch

Jane Ubell-Meyer

CEO of Madison & Mulholland, Inc

Jane Ubell-Meyer is the founder and CEO of Madison & Mulholland, Inc. The award winning marketing company, Madison & Mulholland, is regarded as one of the leaders in the world of celebrity gifting, creating gift bags, and gifting lounges during Hollywood’s Award season, as well as in the Hamptons). Madison & Mulholland, Inc. has worked with and/or consulted with Fortune 500 companies worldwide including: BMW, United Airlines, Virgin America, Grammy Foundation, Hertz, RIM, P&G, Universal Pictures, etc.

Her expertise in the world of sponsorships and corporate partnerships began in when she launched “Buzz Bags” in 2001, which later became Madison & Mulholland. With over four hundred events under her tutelage she has earned the right as a thought leader and expert in her field.

Jane is frequently a keynote speaker on a variety of stages ranging from the NYC Board of Education Virtual Enterprises International, Author 101 University, speaking and teaching speakers, authors & event planners how to secure corporate dollars, products and media partnerships.

As a celebrity gifting expert, Jane has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Extra TV, Fox News, BBC, Hong Kong TV, Canadian TV, German TV as well as countless other local, national and international television outlets including six annual appearances on the red carpet prior to the Emmys® & Oscars® for Fox News.

For seven years, 2004-2011, Jane was an instructor at NY’s Fashion Institute of Technology teaching “The Art of the Goodie Bag”. Prior to joining the world of entrepreneurs, Jane was a TV and Film Producer.  Her credits include: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Co-Executive Producer (CBS)- "Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean"; Producer, independent feature films: Sioux City, Precious Find. She was the Creator and Producer of Money/Style/Power for WSJ TV.

Website: www.madisonandmulholland.com
Twitter: @eyewearMM
Instagram: @JaneUbell
Facebook: @MadisonandMulholland

Eve J. Brown is a Tin Shingle TuneUp Guest Expert

Co-founder and Principal of Bricolage Law, LLC

Eve J. Brown is the co-founder and Principal of Bricolage Law, LLC, a newly launched boutique firm that supports startups by offering easy access to the legal and business advice entrepreneurs need in order to survive the critical development and growth stages. Eve is an experienced professor, attorney, speaker, and author. She has taught entrepreneurship and intellectual property law at MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Suffolk University, and Indiana University. She has presented at numerous national conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship, startups, and intellectual property. She has helped over 200 small businesses launch, develop, fight bullies, and grow. Eve's passion is in supporting founders and independent businesses, and in educating new generations of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Eve is the co-author of the book "IP Strategy: Complete Intellectual Property Planning, Access, and Protection," as well as several articles on entrepreneurship, IP, and startups.

Website: www.bircolagelaw.com
Twitter: @bricolagelaw
LinkedIn: bricolage-law-llc
Facebook: @bricolagelaw

Contracts and Sales Agreements with Eve Brown of Bricolage Law

Trademark Bullying and Startup Legal Issues with Eve Brown of Bricolage Law

Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner PR is a Tin Shingle TuneUp Guest Expert

Founder, Kelly Kepner PR

Kelly Kepner has worked in the Fashion PR since 2005, ranging from agency experience to boutique firms with both emerging and corporate brands.  In February 2014, Kelly took all of her experiences and knowledge and launched her own firm, Kelly Kepner PR.

Kelly Kepner works closely with celebrities and has seen regular placements on Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, The Kardashians, Gisele Bundchen and many more of Hollywood’s leading ladies.  Additionally, Kelly continues to garner her clients’ frequent placements in a variety of publications including InStyle, Elle, Teen Vogue, Glamour, StyleWatch, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and other magazines and media outlets.

Website: www.kellykepnerpr.com
Twitter: @kellykepnerpr
Instagram: @kellykepnerpr
Facebook: @KellyKepnerPublicRelations

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Brandon Seymour, Founder of Seymour Consulting, is a Tin Shingle Guest Expert

Founder, Beymour Consulting

Brandon Seymour is the founder of Beymour Consulting - an online marketing agency based out of Boca Raton, FL., specializing in SEO, content marketing, reputation management and conversion optimization. Brandon has contributed to several industry-leading sites, such as Moz, Search Engine Journal, Inc, PR Week, SEMrush, CIO and  Bright Local.

Website: www.beymour.com
Twitter: @beymour and @beymourSEO

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Evi Abeler, Award Winning Food Photographer, is a Guest Expert for Tin Shingle TuneUps

Award Winning Photographer

Evi Abeler is an award-winning, NYC-based food, product and interior photographer who takes a simple yet stylish approach to creating gorgeous, wholesome, authentic images. Evi’s clients include Anthology Magazine, Designer Lotta Jansdotter and Whole Foods Markets. In addition to her photography, she collaborates with pastry chef Albane Sharrard on the recipe blog Whip + Click and offers photography training and workshops to makers, bloggers and designers.

Website: www.eviabeler.com
Instagram: @eviabeler
Twitter: @eviabeler

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Jordan Landes-Brener

Founder, Haute House PR and Haute House Flower

A lifelong lover of all things fashion-related, Haute House PR & Marketing’s founder, Jordan Landes-Brenman has an extensive and successful background representing clients in every facet of the fashion industry: including women’s luxury, contemporary apparel, accessories and jewelry, beauty, e-commerce shopping websites, retail locations and salons.

Website: www.hautehousepr.com  and  www.hautehouseflower.com
Twitter: @hautehousepr
Instagram: @hautehousepr
Facebook: @hautehousepr


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Janine Just, Founder Janine Just, Inc. is a Special Guest Expert for Tin Shingle TuneUps

Founder, Janine Just, Inc.

Janine Just and her team are known as “connectologists.” What exactly is a connectologist, you may ask? They are agents of digital gap-bridging; people who bring real life to digital relationships with in-person interactions and shared experiences, integrating both public relations and social media savvy along the way. They are social evangelists in a quantum setting, engaging online communities with specific, targeted messaging, and inviting them to join in offline during enriching, dynamic IRL (in real life) events. It’s all part of their effort to build closer relationships between a brand and its valued fans.

Website: www.janinejustinc.com
Twitter: @JanineJustInc
Instagram: @JanineJustInc
Facebook: @JanineJustInc


[PR & SOCIAL MEDIA BLENDED] How to Work with Social Media Influencers for Holiday Buzz and Beyond

Olivia Abel, Executive Editor of Hudson Valley Magazine, is a Special Guest Expert on Tin Shingle TuneUps

Editor in Chief, Hudson Valley Magazine

Olivia Abel is the Editor in Chief of Hudson Valley Magazine for almost a decade. During her tenure, she has helped this glossy monthly publication increase its readership, refresh its image, win its very first national award (for civic journalism) and establish a dynamic online presence. Previously, Olivia worked in both editorial and marketing at some of the biggest magazines in the world, including a six-year stint as a reporter at People, writing press releases for Newsweek and creating direct mail packages for TV Guide.

Website: http://www.hvmag.com/

[PR] How to Pitch Local Magazines, with Editor in Chief Olivia Abel of Hudson Valley Magazine

Nathan Kirk, Founder Nathan Kirk Design, Is A Special Guest Expert for Tin Shingle TuneUps

Founder, Nathan Kirk Design

Nathan Kirk is the digital marketer behind Palmetto Cheese, the cheese spread based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina that has begun taking over grocery stores in the northern states as well, thanks in part to Nathan’s consistent work spreading (pun intended!) Palmetto Cheese’s brand story through social media and press outlets.

Website: www.palmettocheese.com
Twitter: @palmettocheese
Instagram: @palmettocheese
Facebook: @palmettocheese

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Shamel Robinson is a Special Guest Expert for Tin Shingle TuneUps

Founder, Shamel Says

Shamel Robinson has been called the Jewel of the entertainment industry- flawless indeed jewels are a gift of fortune.

Website: www.shamelsays.com
Twitter: @ShamelSays

How to Prepare for and Pitch Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October (Preparation Starts in the Summer)

Shared Experiences From Small Business Owners

Katie Danziger, Founder Nomie Baby, Is a Special Guest Expert on Tin Shingle TuneUps

Founder, Nomie Baby

When her 2 year old spilled on her car seat and Katie spent what seemed like way too long struggling with the cover to get it off, only to read the care instructions which said, "Do not machine wash," Katie thought, there has to be a better way. After looking and coming up empty, an idea was born. Katie designed and patened a car seat cover with a spill-proof backing and soft top side. She named the company Nomie Baby, a word that her daughter would say when trying to say "love".

Twitter: @nomiebaby

[AMAZON] TuneUp - Selling on Amazon with Guest Katie Danziger of Nomie Baby

Erin and Jenny, Co-Founders of Hold Your Haunches, Are Guest Experts For Tin Shingle

Co-Founders, Hold Your Haunches

Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer are the brains behind the behind-enhancing body shapers we lovingly call Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear. They are two busy moms juggling everyday responsibilities like cooking dinner, chauffeuring six kids around town, oh – and running a high-end shapewear business – all while looking fabulous.

Website: www.holdyourhaunches.com
Twitter: @headhaunchos
Instagram: @holdyourhaunches
Facebook: @holdyourhaunches

Shark Tank: How Hold Your Haunches Got Onto Shark Tank, And Life After The Show

Hope Lawrence, Founder Hudson Henry Granola, Is A Guest Experts For Tin Shingle

Founder, Hudson Henry Granola

After many years of talking and many months of searching, Hope and her husband found their dream farm early in 2012.  Located near Charlottesville, Virginia, their "farm" used to be a B&B and has one very important feature: a commercial kitchen.  They were sold.  Hope could finally start the bakery that she had been dreaming of for years and their two boys could build forts and go on hikes in the woods to their heart's content. The commercial kitchen has been turned into HQ for the Hudson Henry Baking Co. where Hope happily bakes their Good News Granola and listens to music and NPR.  Life is good.

Website: www.hudsonhenrybakingco.com
Twitter: @HHBakingCo
Facebook: @HudsonHenryBakingCo

[PR] #TuneUp: Interview with Hope Lawrence About Her Granola Company's Today Show Experience

Peggy Li, Founder Peggy Li Creations, Is A Guest Expert For Tin Shingle

Founder & Designer,
Peggy Li Creations

Jewelry designer Peggy Li has been crafting her business for over 10 years. Her work has been seen on TV's "Hart of Dixie", "Private Practice", in the pages of Lucky and Redbook magazine and more. She loves whimsical charms and simple, feminine jewelry designs. Peggy gets a lot of inspiration for her handcrafted jewelry designs from current fashion and from science and nature. Her jewelry designs are crafted in sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and karat gold, usually with semi-precious and precious stones. While she never imagined she would be a jewelry designer, having studied science at UC Berkeley, she now loves to design jewelry as well as talk small business with other entrepreneurs. Peggy Li designs her creations and makes them in San Francisco, CA.

Website: www.peggyli.com
Twitter: @plcpeggy
Instagram: @plcpeggy
Facebook: @peggylicreations

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