Last Minute Ideas for Black Friday Sales Weekend


Dates to Remember

Leave it to a stationery designer like effie's paper to post her Black Friday dates to remember in prompt fashion via email to her newsletter - not too early and not too late.

Many of you seasoned retailers know exactly what you are doing for this big sales holiday weekend (after slowing down and spending time with family of course). But I've been surprised to hear from a few who haven't a clue as to what to do. Here's the best part: you make it up! Make it fun! But most importantly, communicate it and clearly state it. Here are some Black Friday Guidelines:

Stick To Your Holiday

If you're a brick and mortar, you are participating in two sales holidays: Black Friday and SmallBizSaturday. If you are not a brick and mortar, skip SmallBizSaturday and leave it to the local market. That's what Cyber Monday is for - an extra day just for online retailers. Just like Small Business Saturday is really for celebrating walking around on sidewalks and walking into stores. Phew, one less day for you to do!

Service Professionals: You're Not Off The Hook

Yup, even you consultants, coaches, may even you attorney's have an opportunity to pre-sell your time. If you offer packages to folks, let them buy time in-bulk with you to let them use at anytime through the next year. If you have ecommerce in your website via Squarespace or Wordpress, now is the time to use it and make those Buy buttons! If you use PayPal, you  can make the Buy buttons as well. But whatever you do, make the deal you are offering clickable.

Double the Rewards Points

Do you offer loyalty rewards in your store with a special branded card? Double the reward points people get when shopping with you on this Black Friday holiday weekend.

Host a Contest

If you don't want to place product on sale in your store (though I highly recommend this), then enter shoppers into a drawing for a product they can win.

Discount Something In Your Store - Put a Time Limit

So you need to bring the people into your shop. Even if you're an online retailer, they need to start clicking into your deal. Put a time limit on it. Email them in advance what you are going to do, and then email them as the time ticks down. Too busy to email while you're selling? Schedule it in advance, of course! Spend this weekend in MailChimp writing your different email newsletters, and scheduling them to hit at strategic times to help pelple walk or click in.

Offer a Deal. You Can't Not

It's not enough to encourage people to shop local or support the arts. You must offer a deal this weekend. Even if you are a membership organization, offer a deal on your membership (ah yes, Tin Shingle is sitting this one out this year because we are introducing the new membership levels, but normally, we do have a great sales season during Black Friday weekend!) If you sell art, offer a deal on your small works or prints. Think of something very limited to put on sale. You don't need to put your entire store on a big sale.

Make it more than 15% - Think 30%

This will be dependent upon your situation. Black Friday is a traditional time for deep discounts. It's only one day, so you don't need to do it the entire time. But 10% is too little. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, an online retailer may be selling online, and also renting out a physical space to host a pop-up shop. They are already assuming more expenses, and creating something very special for the weekend. No need to have a pop-up shop of deep discount. The event in and of itself is special.

Tell Your People!!!

You must must must make this loud and clear to your people. You must tell them in several ways how this is going to go down - what you are offering.

  • Send a newsletter
  • Post it on your Facebook Page
  • Make a pretty image for Instagram using Canva, WordSwag or another favorite image making app of yours.

What you need to listen to right now this instant is Tin Shingle's TuneUp on what to do for Black Friday. There's still time to get ideas if you haven't got any yet.

What To Do For Black Friday