Kelly Ripa's Inventor Auditions Saw 3 Tin Shingle Members!


Kelly Ripa Auditions for Women Inventors

We knew that auditions for the Kelly RIpa call for women inventors had begun, and we heard whisperings of New York based friends going, but when Tin Shingle members started emailing us about their experiences, we had to step back and say: Wow! Their experiences were so interesting, that we wanted to share them with you. You never know when you'll be auditioning for a show in New York, right? In their own words, here are the Tin Shingle members who auditioned:

Inventor of the Nomie Baby Car Seat Cover

Katie DanzigerThe audition for the Mom Inventors Show was a great experience.  I got there early, so I didn't have to wait too long, but it was certainly long enough to get nervous.  I was pitching the nomie baby car seat cover, and while I felt that I knew it inside and out, being in front of the camera, staring into the lens, and giving my elevator speech made me shake!  We were told that after the 30 second pitch some of us would get a "green card" which meant that we would then get to go on to the 2-5 minute interview on-camera.  My first thrill was that I did get a "green card."  Phew, then of course I started worrying about how that would go.  The people running the auditions couldn't have been nicer or more upbeat and encouraging.  They kept saying that they were rooting for us, and I truly believed it. While I was waiting with the other "green carders" we all chatted about our inventions, and there was a real sense of pulling for each other.   When I went in for the "green card" on-camera audition there were about 8 people in the room, and one of them was asking questions.  That, for some reason, made me much more comfortable.  I was happy when some of the things that I said got smiles and nods, which I took to mean that they "got it!"  Now I just have to wait 8-12 weeks to hear whether I made the cut.  Ever onward!

Inventor of the Hair Cuff Pony Tail Holder, by Di Manno Designs

Stefany Di MannoI was pitching the Di Manno Designs ponies. My biggest highlight was when I got the green card from the 30 second pitch I did and the camera guy told me he had never seen a pony holder like that before!  I was #127 and was the last pitch and green card for the Tuesday audition. I look back and giggle thinking of me blabbing on and on about why guys are hard to find in NYC when they asked me to tell them about myself and if I was single.  After I thought, "Uh oh...I took the single part too literally I think…I don’t think they were looking to hear all that!" LOL.  I also look back and giggle about the guy (he was there to help his girlfriend demonstrate her product) who was doing a strip tease act for us on Tuesday.  The wait was so long he took it upon himself to entertain us and between numbers of people pitching he would take off articles of clothing! Lol At one point, he stood up on a chair in the room in front of everyone, taking off something and he almost fell over! My overall impression was that it was a long wait the first day, which was too be expected, it was a longer wait then I thought, but I also didn’t get there on Tuesday until 2:30.
All the staff and producers were very friendly and helpful.  It was interesting to see and meet many different entrepreneurs and their inventions.

Inventor of Sassy Shampoo

Mary RobbinsThat morning the alarm went off a 5 am, and I hit the snooze button for an hour.- because I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to go, but I knew I had to.  (Even though I'm a TV/ radio undergrad - I become totally nervous in front of a camera.)

So then I got up and did the full on make-up and hair thing...including pulling on the SPANKS - or SPANXS - or really a knock off - probably called KANKS or PANKS.  I put my hair in 25 huge Velcro rollers, filled in my eyebrows, put on mascara among many other things.  So I'm in the car on the Merritt Parkway heading to NYC with my friend Sue (fellow Sassy volunteer) wearing these rollers - looking ridiculous.  And surprise - I'm still totally unenthusiastic. 

We get to the Double Tree Hotel at 10:00 AM, take an elevator the wrong place, and then finally find the right place. I begin to perspire, and I feel very nervous.  The plan was to sign in, present for 30 seconds and then hopefully be chosen to move to the next round- for a 2 minute demonstration.
After standing in line for a few hours - I sign in.  But in line, we meet some cool people.... Matpack lunch box people, a Gourmet Comedian Glamorous Chef, another lunch box woman.  At sign-in they take my picture with the product, and take a picture of the product.  Then we move to the 30 second pitch line. They are calling # 140 and we are #162. Many hours later we get called in for the pitch.

I had a pitch prepared, and memorized, but found out that's not what they wanted when I was called into the room.  As the the Matpack people were leaving, I found out they had been talking about me in their 30 second audition room - saying I looked like Sara Palin  (People also commented I looked like Tina Fey and Molly Shannon) - So I went in thinking I should stumble, fall down and pop up with hands outstreched in peace signs saying "Super Star'.  But no.  We got in and the guy explained that not getting the "green" card meant nothing  -  not getting the card didn't mean you did or did not make the cut for the show. 
So he said I needed to discuss Sassy as if I was at a cocktail party and wanted the last mushroom cap, but someone stopped me and asked me what I did.  So I did that....I talked - rambled about Sassy being eco-friendly, tween girl product, certified organic ingredients, shiny volume...and it went on for what it seemed like forever!  Then I ended it.
He said, “That was great, but you must be nervous, because you never said what the product was.  Do it again just like you did it, and tell us what the product is."  I'm like OMG!!!  Now I don't even remember what I said and I never said it was a body care line or shampoo or anything!!...and I have to do it again.  So in my next attempt I had some memory loss and you could have had a drinking game based on the number of times I said eco-friendly.
At the end, he said he didn't need me to give a 2 minute presentation, because I couldn't demonstrate I didn't get the "green card"...He said he really liked it. 

 ....and when we walked out, everyone was asking, "did you get it (the green card)"...and we said, "no", and they got this pained, pitying expression - JUST LIKE ON AMERICAN IDOL

That's the story and I'm sticking to it!


We at Tin Shingle and all of our readers are wishing you the best ladies!