Stefany Di Manno


Stefany Di Manno spent her early years in St. Clair Shores, MI. Born from two Italian immigrants, her father was an assembly line worker at Chrysler and her mother was a Shop Manager of Seamstresses at Dittrich Furs. As a young girl spending time at her mother's work, Stefany was intrigued by all the different fabrics and textures that were being used to create fashion-savvy trends. Ms. Di Manno instantly fell in love with fashion and insisted on being a part of this creative culture. At such an early age, Stefany started to design unique accessories that women were noticing and wanted to know where they could buy them. It wasn't until years later; Stefany realized that this was her calling.

At age seventeen, Stefany moved to Miami, FL to continue her education where she received a Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting and English from the University of Miami. Shortly after college, she was antsy and READY to feel the energy of the "big city"; she moved to NYC. Stefany worked in various industries: modeling, acting, marketing and retail real estate searching for her passion. Di Manno always had an eye for beautiful things and fell in love with the idea of enhancing a woman's beauty.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to combine her creativity with her business savvy, the concept of an upscale ponytail holder, Di Manno Designs, LLC. was born. Tired of wearing an elastic band every time she wore her hair back, Stefany decided to make a hair accessory, not only for herself, but for all women who share the same feeling.

Di Manno Designs, LLC. was created to offer unique and alluring lifestyle hair accessories that would spice up any wardrobe from day to night...functional, beautiful and sexy. Her time spent with relatives in Rome, seeing and buying genuine quality leathers, inspired her to start with a leather ponytail holder.

Stefany wants women to look beautiful wearing their hair back for a night out, as well as in a casual setting: going to the supermarket, beach or gym. Di Manno Designs offers women that option. Stefany looks forward to creating new designs and textures for seasons to come for women all ages and children. The passion she so early felt is now a reality and has materialized into her own company. Di Manno Designs is her dream come true.