Pitching Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day - an Inside Track


Inside Track to Pitching Lucky Magazine Deal of the DayLucky Magazine is known as THE magazine for those who love to shop - their target audience is female shoppers.  Lucky states that "products featured span all price points and are available nationwide." 

One section of the magazine, found both on their website (www.luckymag.com) and their daily newsletter, is the Deal of the Day. This section presents shoppers with introductions to Lucky-approved brands, along with with deep discounts to accompany them. A feature in this section provides selected brands a chance to share their products with a large, new customer base.

Just how can your company land this opportunity and what are the editors looking for? Not only are we going to tell you all how to pitch Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day via an Ask the Expert article by Tin Shingle co-founder Sabina Ptacin, but we have an inside track for you as well. Tin Shingle's PR team has a direct relationship with the editors of this section and if you are a member of Tin Shingle, we can submit your pitch on your behalf. Lucky's Deal of the Day section is one of our exclusive PR Leads, which is one of our membership benefits.

So let's dive right in! Click here to learn how to pitch Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day.

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