How do I get into Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day?


Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day section offers their readers an opportunity to get to know a Lucky-approved brand & score a fabulous discount on said-brand in the process! This feature appears on both the magazine's website and their daily newsletter.  If you're not familiar with this series, check it out on their website HERE.  As a reminder, before we get to the good stuff, you should never pitch an outlet without having read and become familiar with it....Now on to the "how to" section you're here for!

Getting an opportunity to participate in Lucky's Deal of the Day can be a great opportunity to showcase your products in front of new and potential customers as well as get to know the Lucky editorial team. 

That said, there is a definite science to this press opportunity as there is with all press outreach. Find some step by step instructions below!

Be sure you're a good fit. Before you spend too much time preparing a pitch, first be sure your brand is a good fit for Lucky.  You should already be reading it and following their print and online coverage, and if you haven't done this yet, there's no time like the present to start!  Your brand should be "Lucky-esque" and something that would appeal to their readers.  Compare yourself to previous Deals of the Day, look at the Lucky Magazine product coverage, and be honest with yourself.  As their editors tell us, any brand that appears a bit "conservative" is probably not a good fit.  If you're on the fence, do submit and let them make the final judgement call, but if you're clearly not a good fit, don't bother wasting their or your time!

The Rules of the Deal of the Day.  You must play by these rules, there are no negotiations when it comes to this, so be sure you're on board and able to meet with the outlet's expectations:

  • Your brand must run a discount of 50%
  • The discount must last 24 hours
  • You must be able to purchase your product online (*PRENER note: if your website isn't a functioning, professional looking website, don't hold your breath on this opportunity)
  • Your product must be appealing to the Lucky Magazine audience
  • Shoppers must be able to use a discount code when shopping on your website
  • You have enough product available.  This is NOT a sale for someone looking to move one-of-a-kind pieces or just a few items.  You don't need an inventory of 300 pieces but you DO need to be able to move product and satisfy potential customers.

Keep the pitch simple.  Nobody wants to read an essay from you about your product and business story.  This pitch should be straightforward: introduce yourself, your brand, link to the products you are offering for the Deal of the Day, be clear you are open to and understand the way the opportunity operates.  We've created a sample pitch for you below.  Please note, all names and brands in the sample are fictional.

Dear Lucky Magazine Editor,

This is Sassypants Jackson of Sassy Leggings Inc, I hope you're well.  I wanted to reach out to you and submit our leopard print leggings for the Lucky Magazine Deal of the Day.  We're more than happy to share a 50% discount on our leggings, which we have linked to here (XXX).  I've also linked ot a couple more options should you want to go with another style, which you can find below.

Link, Link, Link

We believe our leggings are a great fit because not only are they fashion forward but their cotton/lyrca blend keeps legs looking smooth and sassy.  The leggings retail for $45.00 but we are happy to do a 50% discount.

Please reach out to me should you need any more information or images.

Thanks so much,

Sassypants Jackson.

As with most pitching, let it simmer.  If you don't have a relationship with the Lucky Magazine Deal of the Day editors, don't expect an answer right away, give them time to make a decision, review your site, do their other work, etc.  If you haven't heard back in a week follow up politely and briefly.  As with most cases in public relations, follow the rule of three, and if you haven't heard after three attempts see this as  "no" and move on.

When you get the placement, spread the word!  Share the great shopping opportunity (and press opportunity) via your Facebook, Twitter and if you have one, your company newsletter.  Everyone loves to hear about a great deal, as your deal's Lucky stamp of approval! If you're a member of Tin Shingle, you can add it to your Press Portfolio that gets featured on our home page and newsletter, and we tweet about it!

Get to pitching.  If you think this is an opportunity you're ready to pitch, and you are a Tin Shingle member, click HERE to get to your PR Leads section to submit. Our PR team will reach out to the Lucky Magazine Deal of the Day editor directly for you. If you're not a member, learn more about our PR Leads and all of our member benefits.

If you're not a member and you're a do-it-yourself PR warrior, follow the steps above and you know you're on the right track!