How to Build SEO from the Movies - "Funny People" and the Super Jew T-Shirt


Tin Shingle member Sara Schwimmer, founder of the online gift store PopJudaica, took my first SEO (search engine optimization) class, and has excelled ever since. She 'gets it', and so can you if you haven't yet. Here's a recent example of creative uses of building SEO by taking advantages of every day angles and applying them to your website to increase business.

Before we start, here's the premise of SEO so that you can fully see how Sara's actions worked: 
People go to Google to search for something.

They type in a keyword phrase and sift through the search results that Google presents.

They find what they are looking for, and if it's something they want to buy, and if the website looks legit, they buy it.

Here's how Sara got in on that action:
SuperJew t-shirt available at PopJudaica.comIn the movie "Funny People", Seth Rogen is wearing a Super Jew t-shirt (think Super Man with the blue t-shirt, and red S, but this S is in the Star of David). The t-shirt is even in some previews for the movie, so if you haven't seen the movie, you may have seen the t-shirt.

Sara saw it and said to herself: "Hey! I carry that SuperJew tshirt in my online store! How can I let people know?" Sara went to work right away:

1. Sara immediately emailed the Tin Shingle member-only Google Group to let members who care know that she carries the t-shirt, and to ask them to bookmark or blog about the SuperJew tshirt. Sara knows that links from other websites to her website are extremely important, so she reached out and asked other members for help.

2. She changed the title tag on her product to include keyword terms that people may be searching for to help narrow their search for the SuperJew t-shirt if they don't know that it's called that.

3. She edited the product description copy to also include those terms. The more terms in legit places in the product copy, the better.

Sara's SuperJew t-shirt is ranking on page 1 in Google for targeted searches around that product. Now Sara can create ads on Tin Shingle or Facebook around that t-shirt. With blog posts linking to her product, she will continue to move up the rankings. She can continue tweaking her title tag and product copy until she finds just the right combination that gets her the most sales from those product searches while they happen. The term won't be hot forever, most likely just when the movie is out, when it's released on DVD, and when it's newly available on Pay Per View. In other words, when there is marketing around the film.

I'll be offering another SEO class in September or October, so keep your eyes on our class section and on our newsletter for when that is posted. Also, Tin Shingle Core members get 25% off all classes, and sometimes, classes are available to Core members for free. SEO can be very fun when you 'get it' and is a constant evolution. What can you be tweaking on your site?