Private Email Group: Personalized Connections with Members


Businesses succeed with personal connections. This benefit allows you to email Tin Shingle members as a group with a specific request, be it a recommendation, a celebration in the press, or to spread the word on a good blog post you just wrote. If you are on the receiving end of this, you may be able to answer a recommendation request with your own services. Or you may use it as an opportunity to get to know other members on a more intimate level by wishing them well, letting them know you linked to them, and collaborating on projects.

Also, we have just added value to The Group, which is powered by Google: PR Leads with very short lead times are emailed by us to members via The Group. This can include a lead from Real Simple which requested a very specific angle, and a few of our members were great fits. This could be you!

We are always amazed and honored at the power of The Group. Here is a recent testimonial from a member who needed votes for a photograph she and her husband entered into the contest. She used two member benefits to achieve this: Link Love and this email group. Result? She did win the contest.

"Member Denise Spencer wins photo contest with power of the groupLike most of us who have watched the advent of social media in the past several years, I realized the power that is held in the electronic synapses that now connect all of us if we desire but only recently had a first hand experience. Earlier this past summer my husband entered a photo he took of me in a photo contest and out of over two thousand entries we placed in the top ten which then went up for a public vote online. Upon learning this I immediately started emailing everyone I knew, posted it to Facebook and sent it out to Tin Shingle. As I expected, family and friends got excited and started passing it along but I don’t think I could have anticipated the absolutely huge outpouring of support that came from the Tin Shingle network. Both people I knew and ones I had never met started spreading the word through their own Facebook and Twitter pages and passing along compliments and wishes for a win. It was no less than amazing and uplifting to feel the positive power of connection that sits invisible and intangible. The voting period of a couple of weeks passed and just a day and a half ago we got a phone call informing us that our photo had “won by a landslide.” Many thanks to Tin Shingle and everyone connected by it!"

Denise Spencer, Ichiche"

Typical requests to the Email Group from members have included:

  • "I am looking for an illustrator, does anyone have anyone who they recommend?"
  • "I am looking for a photographer for product shots, does anyone have anyone they like?"
  • "I just gave 3 tips on how to improve a blog post for SEO...check it out!"
  • "I am creating my business plan for possible investors and need this survey filled out about my product. I appreciate your help and time if you fill it out!"
  • "I entered this contest and would love your help getting votes!"
  • "We finally got into Crains Business! Here is the link to read the article!"

Inclusion in this group is optional, and can be turned on or off at any time.

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