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Twelve years ago, my mother started her, what seems like, never ending battle of stage four cancer. It brought on a wide variety of emotions, fears, and realities.  I vividly remember her streams of tears, fearful that she may lose her hair, not be able to hide burn marks, and struggle with numerous other side effects from the treatment. I painfully recall the epiphany I had of not only the physical toll this disease has on one but, also the mental and emotional. 
LympheDiva Bali Night Sleeve
Similar to my mother, Rachel Troxell, had the feelings of frustration and dismay when dealing with the side effect of breast cancer treatment called lymphedema.  To cope with the difficult time in her life, and maintain her joy, Rachel founded LympheDIVAs, an elegant and comfortable product to control swelling in the arms after treatment. When originally researching for options of a compression sleeve she found most were rough, heavy, and unattractive.  Rachel and original partner, Robin Miller, then met with fashion designer Kristin Dudley and drew up the first beginnings of medically correct fashion garments for Lymphedema.
LympheDiva Nirvana Gauntlet
Since then Robin has left the company and Rachel sadly passed away at the young age of 37.  However, because of her determination and compassion, her parents Dr Howard and Judy Levin, as well as younger brother Josh, are just as resolved and committed to support and accomplish Rachel’s dream to inspire and support survivors, with LympheDIVAs compression apparel.  In 2008, the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation honored Rachel with their Founders Award for her determination, vision, and inspiration; trademarks of a true entrepreneur. 
LympheDIVA Darling Tan Sleeve and Gauntlet SetAll garments are made in the United States but, are available nationwide and internationally.  Twice a year LympheDIVAs team studies the trends, patterns, and colors of the fashion industry to introduce new garments that encourage each woman to feel beautiful, strong, and confident while improving the management of lymphedema.  Rachel may have been defeated by her physical battle of cancer but, her vision and passion remains undefeated and undoubtedly empowers many individuals with dignity, respect, and motivation.