Women on the Campaign Trail and what it means for your media campaign


The women of the campaign trail: Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Hillary Clinton all have more serious things on their mind than their wardrobes, and all four of them would prefer that their personal lives remain personal.  Unfortunately the media feels otherwise, and if you would like to find yourself or your product in the media spotlight along with these White House hopefuls, you have to play along. 

Take fashion:  are you a stylist who can give tips on how to dress like the campaign's first and second ladies?  Do you have tips for them in the wardrobe department?  Does your label make a dress or accessory similar to one that Michelle Obama wears?  Here is how some of our interviewees placed their product on celebrities.

Tin Shingle member Cara Sinclair, founder of Kara James Handbags, recently discovered that her handbag the Kate is being carried by Jill Biden, the wife of vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden.  By sending out a press release to the celebrity weekly magazines and the fashion blogs, our team was able to secure her a placement on Sheknows.com, and the boutique it was sold in will be in In Touch this week.  Whether it's Us Weekly or The View, CNN or Vogue, people are talking about the fashion on the campaign trail, and if you are a lifestyle brand, you need to find your way into those stories.

The campaign has gotten personal, and will remain that way for years past the election.  Are you an expert who can talk about something related to key players?  What about the role of sexism in the election and in politics?  About the affect of the media on the candidates' families?  How about a health expert on ways to relieve stress on the campaign trail and in the White House?  Work outs you can do while traveling from state to state or in cramped office spaces?  All of these items could lend themselves to lifestyle segments on tv or in print!