What to Pitch the Press for November: Ho, Ho, Ho & Beyond


"All I want for Christmas is YOU", says Mariah Carey, but all we want for Christmas at Tin Shingle is for you to be fully prepared for your holiday buzz building, and that means starting to pitch storeis for short lead (TV, online, newspaper) gift guides and tip segments in NOVEMBER!  But that's not all! What are some other story angles you can hit out of the park this month?  Read on!

Holiday Stories:

As we said above, now is the time to begin prepping, writing and pitching the press in terms of short lead holiday gift guides.  These are big editorial undertakings, no matter the size of the website or show, and in order to get your chance to be considered you'll want to reach out in advance, as in now! But holidays aren't for product brands alone! Experts and service providers it's also key that you ramp up your PR efforts during this time as well.  Perhaps you're a heating and cooling company, and you could share tips on insulating your home for winter with a local TV station.  Event planner? Give some great entertaining hacks to the masses via websites or on air!  Health pro? Why not share some healthy alternatives to traditional Christmas dishes! The goal is for you to be able to: take what you do, find a holiday angle that feels authentic to your brand and valuable to an audience, and share it with plenty of time for the press to review it, produce the story and share it with their audience before it's too late!

November Themes:

What do you think of when you think of November? In terms of themes and story topics that are timely, we're encouraging you to create story angles, pitches and blog posts that tie into the season.  Some ideas we have for you?  Gratitude, Veteran's Day, Family (Traditions, Togetherness, Stress, you name it!), Road trips and travel, Holiday Eating and Health (or lack thereof), and of course you can always rely on the many celebrations and observances that are recognized in this country, from the obvious to the obscure, to direct the gaze of the media your way.  If you want a handy pre-made list to make that happen, check out our Blog Planning Calendar - it's packed with monthly and daily story ideas!

Let Your Entrepreneur Light Shine:

If you're in business for yourself, chances are you have mastered a few tips and strategies through trial and error, and that means that there are other businesses and outlets who could learn from your experience. This month we're giving you permission to share your advice, anecdotes and tips with business press (long or short lead). It's a great strategy to use when hoping to get more buzz because at the root of your pitch you're simply providing value and information to others but by sharing it you're shining a light on your business as well!

Have any story angles you'll be relying on this month? Share them in the comments below!