What to Pitch in July: The Long (Lead) & the Short (Lead) of It


I'm writing you this on the eve of a Fourth of July weekend that I'm determined will be filled with sun, swimming, relaxing, fireworks and delicious summer treats.  Which is why it feels funny that we're beginning this "What to Pitch the Press in July" monthly series with this warning: you need to begin thinking about your holiday PR outreach. Now. Yesterday. All month long!  Yes, that's right. Whether you're sharing products for holiday gift guides or want to land your tips in a holiday issue (big readership, folks) now is the time to begin strategizing and pitching the press.  Early birds always get worms and these big, juicy worms of opportunities are plucked quickly.  So that's your first what to pitch teaser.  It's also a big topic to cover so get your head start this way: Watch this #TuneUp webinar where we talk about it more in depth, and stay tuned to the Tin Shingle newsletter because this month we're doing a full and in-depth Holiday Pitching Training that you must attend!  Now onto a few more things you should be creating stories about this month...

A Little More Long Lead: Thanksgiving:

It's time to get grateful, well it is in the land of many a monthly magazine.  That means it's time to get your Thanksgiving-themed pitches out.  Whether you are a product or service doesn't matter, you just have to fit the season.  Here's where you're going to go with this (pick ideas that suit you): How to stay healthy during Thanksgiving, hostess gifts, the power of gratitude, entertaining tips and tricks, Turkey Day recipes, vacation safety, how to make the most of your in-laws, how to prepare your business for Black Friday or Small Biz Saturday (not do not share your actual sale ideas, more on that in this #TuneUp).  If you need some inspiration or ideas specific to certain outlets, just check past issues (online or at the library) to get a feel for the type of seasonal stories they do!

All Things Summer Continues:

Here's a brain dump for you, find some angles that you could spin your brand into: Summer parties, summer safety, bug bites and poison ivy, family reunions, road trips, festivals, parties, summer recipes, summer work out plans, how to stay safe in the heat, how to work out in the heat, how to keep you pets safe in the heat, how to save money on air conditioning in the heat...

Your goal here is to think of story ideas that add value to the readers or viewers who are getting it, and that fit into this peak summer season. 

Bring on the Celebrations & Observances:

July is packed with long lead and short lead observances you can be spinning stories around.  For instance:

Bastille Day (July 14) - All things French - get creative!

National Picnic Month

UV Safety Month

National Blueberry Month

International Day of Friendship (July 30)

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