What to Hashtag this September


If you're a regular over here at Tin Shingle you know that every month we run a "What to Pitch" column that highlights the stories you can and should be incorporating into your pitches to the press or your blog. These stories are timely, are relevant and seasonal and are sure to get the attention of the media or your blog readers and social media followers.

Well things just got even more exciting! At Tin Shingle we're going to start sharing some hashtags that are rocking the Twitter and Instagram worlds that you can incorporate into your social media streams to attract attention, visibility and to link you and your biz into the hot topics already being discussed online. Of course it's always important to be aware of hot hashtag topics as they happen in real time, but there are always some you can be sure are going to be hot, and preparing yourself and your feed for them is crucial to your buzz building. 

Here are a few of our favorites for the rest of this month!

  • Emmys are this month folks!  THIS WEEKEND! What can you do to prepare for that? Get your hashtags warmed up and participate in Emmy conversations as they happen. We're predicting (and already seeing) that people will be using #Emmys and #Emmys2015 to talk about them online!
  • It's Fashion Week in NYC (and then other cities will follow)...To talk fashion or anything related to Fashion Week in New York City, try #NYFW, #NYFW15 or NYFWSS16 (this one references the fact that it's for spring summer 2016). 
  • #NationalCheeseburgerDay - Okay here's the deal. TODAY is National Cheeseburger Day. So yes, this hashtags has a shelf life that is nearly over but there's the deal: if you know the holidays, observances and celebrations that will be coming before they hit, you won't miss out on including them in your Twitter or Instagram feeds!

Why does all of this matter in the first place? Because the more chances people have to find you on Twitter or Instagram, the more they'll then check out your profile, and perhaps your website and then who knows!  It's essential that you make it easy for people to find you as much as possible, and using popular hashtags makes that possible!

This month is already more than halfway through and still there are opportunities to hashtag, and trust me, we'll have even more ideas for you next month.

What hashtags are you using on Twitter and Instagram this month? Share them in the comments below!


I love this! I forgot the Emmys are this weekend, so thank you! Hashtags can be everything. Thank you for the reminder and information. Woot!