We Salute the #SmallBizProud Video Tour from Capital One


A Salute to #SmallBizProud

The #SmallBizProud tour with Trisha and John, who traveled for 73 days across 10,015 miles to speak with over 180 small businesses across this nation, has come to an end. To think our attraction grew from their tweets about the tour, we are so lucky to have tapped into this collection of honest stories captured on video from so many types of businesses, and honored to have been officially able to blog about it.

Capital One’s initiative really meant a lot to us as business owners, as we saw a financial institution reach out beyond its institutional doors to bring people all over the world an up-close-and-personal view of what life is like running and growing a small business. From the initial hunt or dream of a business, to starting it, to making it through the surprising challenges that come along the way, to living the business as a full-time dream every day.

In their final goodbye post, Trisha and John reflected on how one of the most surprising observations they had was how each small business owner was a hero in their community. The community regarded them as a fixture, and they held deep respect for their community and employees. And it’s no wonder, because Trisha and John stayed in locally owned hotels and B+Bs for every night of their travel, and ate in each town’s cafes and restaurants. Where else do you get the best small town gossip?

Thank you, Capital One, Trisha and John, and all of the businesses who shared their stories with us! These stories help keep us motivated, and help us feel not alone as we face challenges head on in pursuit of our American Dream. We will have the #SmallBizProud YouTube playlist bookmarked always to hear the stories when we need a dose of courage.

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