Video Star! Your Videos in Tin Shingle's #SmallBizDiaries Series


Internet made the video star, and we know you may have some videos on YouTube or Vimeo that you've been wanting to share, and if you're a pro-member of Tin Shingle, you can share your videos with our readers!
Pro-Members have their own blog series called The Diaries of Small Business Owners (aka #SmallBizDiaries for short), and small businesses can put pictures and links in their articles that they publish. This is great for website and brand marketing. But now...businesses can insert videos too. Here's how:


  • Log into your Tin Shingle account, or join for instant access.
  • Start a #SmallBizDiary entry. Do this by clicking the shortcut link on the right side of the Tin Shingle website called "#SMALLBIZDIARY Entry (add/edit) or by going to your main account center.
  • Write your article.
  • SEO TIP! Even if you're including a video, write a short article about what's in it. This way, search engines can pick up the video by reading what you wrote about it.
  • At the bottom of the publishing screen, there is a text link that says "Switch to plain text editor". Click that (a picture of it is below). This will look like a lot of words. And it is. It's code! But don't be afraid. It's easy.
    Switch to plain text
  • Place your cursor where you'd like your video to go.
  • Go to your video at YouTube, Vimeo, or other video storage place and find a link that says something like "Share" and "Embed". You're looking for the Embed code. Find it, and copy it.
  • Paste that code back at in your #SmallBizDiary entry where you'd placed your cursor.
  • Click the link called "Switch to plain text editor" again, and you'll see your post in normal-mode.
  • Click Save, and you're done!
  • Questions? Email us with any question at all! Check out our editorial guidelines for the section if you need ideas. Remember, the #SmallBizDiary entry series gives juicy, behind the scenes glimpses of your brand that customers love to know. We may edit your post with your permission, but you may publish a diary entry at any time, and the world can read it.