UPDATE: Sandy Donations - Need Your Input


Striking a cord with us right now is how small businesses are fighting through the impacts of Storm Sandy (hurricane, tropical storm, whatever). Sabina is in the trenches in Brooklyn, cooking chili for shelters, waiting in lines for the ferry, remaining stuck in Brooklyn due to flooded subways. I am in Beacon, which is up the Hudson River, and I have power and basic needs (but am currently in Ohio at my parents because I fled the storm with my kids early to be sure to get to my sister's wedding in Chicago. I have a two day driving journey ahead of me to get back).

I digress. We want to donate our Tin Shingle dollars to directly help small businesses impacted by the storm, and want to hear from you what people or organizations are making that happen. We are wanting to stretch our dollars to all boroughs affected by the storm, so please let us know via the comments below or on our Facebook page what you have heard of that is directly helping small businesses soldier on. This could be a local popup volunteer organization, a nonprofit that's been around that swoops in for help, etc.

Thank you in advance.