Two Publicists, Two Insider PR Tips, Loads of Future Press as a Result!


I often find that a few small tweaks in a company's do-it-yourself PR campaign can make a world of difference.  A change in follow-up strategy or pitch copy can mean the difference between a reply or placement from your target outlet and radio silence.

So how can you be sure if you're doing things the right way if you're not a trained public relations professional?  Turn to the pros for help!  Lucky for you Tin Shingle is proud to be friends and colleagues with some of the best publicists in the business.  Today we pulled some advice from two such PR Gurus:  Malorie Kaye Goldberg of Cameo PR, and Connie Wong (a Tin Shingle herself) who is the founder of Moderne Press.  Both are well versed in working with new and small business brand and both were more than willing to share with you one of their favorite tips for entrepreneurs when pitching themselves to the press.

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From Malorie Kaye, Cameo PR:

When introducing your brand to members of the press & media, the most important thing to remember is the age-old adage, "first impressions are everything."  It is imperative to ensure that every element representative of your collection is exactly as you would like it to be prior to presenting to editors, as their first glance will be the one that makes them come back for more or pass you by without a second thought. 

The most essential tools to have in place are aesthetically pleasing linesheets that include your entire assortment along with retail pricing, an easy-to-navigate website that is clean and simple yet cohesive with your brand, a bio that captures your background and inspiration in a few short paragraphs and a full sample set, properly tagged and ready to go out to magazines at the drop of a hat.  With the right foundation, you will offer editors a stress-free way to incorporate your collection in to their daily routine and hopefully secure the press placement appropriate for your designs.

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From Connie Wong, Moderne Press:

Time is of the essence. Remember that the world of media can be very fast-paced, and editors are usually on tight deadlines. If an editor requests information/images/samples, make sure to ask when they need them by
- and deliver them on time! It could mean the difference between your product being featured or not

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