Twitter Tips: Proper RT and #Hashtag Placement, etc.


Today was my first Tweetworking class after my maternity leave, and we covered a lot! I'll share some Twitter best-practices we covered in today's session, in case you were wondering about them as well. Next time, maybe you'll be in on the personalized session. Check in with our Education Center for the next Tweetworking class.

- When making a RT, do put a space between the person's name and the RT. This lets the twitter name activate as a link. Any twitter name should have the @ symbol in front it it, one space on either side of it. Example: @kjpixelated or @_preneuring (in this case, the _ is a part of the Twitter name)

- Hashtags can be used anywhere in the tweet. If they don't fit in the sentence, then tack it on at the end. For more on hashtags, I wrote this article that has examples.

- When someone tweets to you, it is OK to respond back, even if it's just a simple "Thanks!". People like to be acknowledged on Twitter.

Based on today's session and the level that the business owner was at with Twitter, we will be covering how to create short URLs, how and why to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts (and what not to connect), scheduling Tweets using Hootsuite. We will review the homework for strategy building.