Two Opportunities: Grow Relationships with Twit-Gift AND A Chance for Your Product to Be a TwitGift!


Story disclaimer:
Be sure you read this blog post to the end, because we're not only laying down a fresh and digitally-based way to give gratitude in real life (a big part of growing relationships in business and with the press) but we're also going to tell you how you, my friends, can share your products with the world via this awesome, connection-creating App!


Last summer I was singing the praises of GotoWebinar (our go-to way to lead our weekly live #TuneUp webinars, host vitural team meetings, conduct podcast interviews, you name it) on Twitter. I can't help myself, when I love something I have to share it with the small business and entrepreneurial community. I had my online lovefest, got a gracious tweet back from GotoWebinar's social team and that was that, or so I thought.

Fast forward a week or so later when a cupcake in a mason far arrived at my doorstep, sent with thanks from GotoWebinar.  Yes, that's right, a cupcake arrived at my doorstep - how awesome and lovely a surprise is that?!  After I inhaled my afternoon treat I began to think, well how did that happen? Then I remembered: the day I was chatting away with my fave webinar program on Twitter I received another tweet from TwitGift asking me to "claim my TwitGift" after which I filled out a simple form.  Yes, that was how simple it was for me to connect with my cupcake, and how simple it was for GotoWebinar to get it to me.

While basking in my post-cupcake sugar high the wheels in my head began to turn: "I must use this to say thank you to people in my own life and business as well!" And also, "I wonder if I can send things beyond cupcakes, because not everyone is down with desserts?" As well as, "How easy is this thank you process, because sometimes I don't show enough business gratitude simply because it feels like one more thing on my to do list."

Well good news for me! Firstly, there are a variety of gifts you can elect to send (none over $15.00) from artisinal marshmallows to ground coffee). It was also a relief to discover that using TwitGift is basically as simple as sending a tweet - but you don't even have to do that!  Here's how simple it is to send a little gratitdue in a creative way to people who have added to value in ways great or small to your business (or simply, as a "just because" gift)

  • Head over to TwitGift.Me
  • Login to it with your Twitter account
  • Pick out the TwitGift you want to send out
  • Enter the Twitter handle of the person you'd like to thank via their online form
  • Pay for the gift (less than sending flowers my friends, and much more fun and clever)
  • TwitGift will take care of the address collection, delivery and the tweet alerting your recipient to their gift.
  • Enjoy the feeling you get when you do something awesome for someone else.

Listen, relationship building is a big part of business and the business of building buzz - and life! A big part of any relationship is saying thank you and showing gratitude to people, whether press, employees or influencers who help you grow your business.  That's why we are a big fan of TwitGift, because it allows you to do just that with a social twist!

Want YOUR products featured as one of the TwitGift gifting options?

Soon after we became hooked on TwitGift we began to wonder: how could other, cool small businesses (because we know a slew of those babies) share their products with the TwitGift team, for possible inclusion on their site?  Well, we found out for you, and if you're a Tin Shingle member you can take advantage of that opportunity by submitting to them via this exclusive PR Lead!

Onward relationship builders and gratitude givers!  Have any other tactics you use to share love and say thank you in your business? Share it in the comments below!