Twitgift Takes Virtual Appreciation into the Real World - and I Got a Cupcake in a Jar Out of It!


TwitGiftThis past Sunday, I arrived home in Brooklyn after the end of a long road trip to the most delightful surprise: There, on my table, was a cupcake in a jar. I ate it for breakfast yesterday and it was delicious.  Now you're probably wondering what cupcakes in jars have to do with anything Tin Shingle talks about so let me turn the clock back a week or so and fill you in...

At Tin Shingle we've used GotoMeeting's webinar services to lead our weekly small biz #TuneUps for years, and we've always been big fans of both their actual service and their customer service.  This past week I needed some support with their tools and was blown away by how kind, helpful and patient they were while helping me, and decided to share my gratitude for help during my "tech crisis" with them via Twitter.  Within minutes of tweeting at them I received this tweet in return.

I followed the link to TwitGift, entered the information they needed (simply my home address and email) and I went back to my webinar work.  Within a week, well, you know how it ended! 

This was my first introduction to TwitGift but now I'm a fan and soon to be user.  The power of even the smallest tokens of appreciation, simple surprises and taking virtual relationships into the real world is immeasurable in business.  What may seem like an insignificant gesture can create long term and impactful client relationships.  As my mom often says, "how you do anything is how you do everything", and GotoMeeting along with TwitGift are doing it right.

Curious about how TwitGift works?  Here's how simple it is:

Step One: Login to TwitGift via your Twitter account
Step Two: Pick out & Purchase a Gift for the Person You Want to Show Real-Life Gratitude To (they range from cupcakes in mason jars to bourbon marshmallows).
Step Three: Your Twitter friend claims their gift after you tweet it to them.
Step Four: Twitgift takes care of the shipment (and let me just say they do a beautiful job, and my mason jar cupcake arrived with the GotoMeeting logo on the top of the jar).
Step Five: Twitgift says it best "You look awesome" - and you do!

We live in a virtual world, which empowers small business owners in countless ways.  That said, it's always nice to connect offline as well, and when a company makes that connection so simple and well, delicious, they deserve praise!  Thank you Twitgift, consider this blog our cupcake right back to you!


How do you say "thank you" to your customers?  Share your ideas in the comments below!