The Top Pinterest Articles Every Business Should Read (We Did the Searching for You...)


At this point in 2012 we're fairly certain you've hear all the buzz about Pinterest.  If you're still not 100% sure about what it is, read HERE for a straightforward and easy to follow explanation before reading any further...

Ok, everyone caught up now?  Good!  Now that we know the what, you're probably left with a few more questions.  You may be wondering the how now..."How do I use it for my business?"  "How does Pinterest lead to sales?"  "How can I master the basics (without adding too much work to my already full "to do" list)"  You may even be wondering, "Who can I follow as a good Pinterest example?"  Well look no further!

We, like you, are new to the Pinterest world, and we're ready to sink our teeth into it and learn about how it can best benefit our businesses and yours.  For weeks now, we've been scouring the web for the best articles out there about the world's most famous bulletin board, and we've compiled them below for you to make your Pinterest studies easier for you! Class is now in session!

The Top Pinterest Articles Every Business Should Read:

1. What's This Pinterest Website? (Wall Street Journal)

2. It's Foolish for Brands to Ignore Pinterest (PR Daily)

3. Pinterest is Simple, but Strategy is Still Required (Media Bistro)

4. How Pinterest Really Makes It's Money: Should You Care? (Inc.)

5. Pinterest Becomes a Top Driver for Retailers (with Infographic) (Mashable)

6. 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest (Copyblogger)

7. Pinterest: Who to Follow (Business Insider)