Top 5 Ways the "Subtotal" Item Helps in QuickBooks


I often offer different discounts to digital clients who do large website jobs, or buy a pre-paid package. When I created the discount in QuickBooks, I noticed that the percent would be off, because it was calculating the discount only from the previous line. But my invoices and estimates tend to have more than one line for different services being preformed per project. Being that I'm my own bookkeeper for my Katie James business, I took to my calculator and calculated the discounts by hand. This meant a lot of extra work if I was estimating, and the numbers changed on the estimate. Or if I just mistyped on the calculator. :)

So I went to my trusty QuickBooks guru, Stacie Bach, and she gave me the solution: use the Subtotal, silly! We knew there must be more amazing reasons to use the Subtotal item in QuickBooks, so we asked Stacie to give us a few more. And boy did she. Click here to read all 5 of her reasons why Subtotaling can make your bookkeeping life a lot easier.