Tin Shingle Member Update for the Week of July 25, 2016


If you aren't yet a member of Tin Shingle, read below for what Tin Shinglers were emailed on Monday. Members of Tin Shingle are emailed every Monday with a special message, suggestion, or tip on how to get the most out of their membership. Here's what they got today in their inboxes!
Hello to our Tin Shingler's!

Hope you had a restful weekend (or one where you explored during these hot summer days)! We have 4 updates for you this Monday:

  • The final PR Challenge Group Meeting has been moved to September 6th. If you are already hooked up to the GoToWebinar call (available to TIn Shingle members only), then the date and reminder email has already been updated. There will be no meeting on August 30th. The PR Challenge Group Meeting will meet next week as planned.
  • The TuneUp is going on vacation on August 31th. We will send you a Recommended Listening List instead that you can instantly stream on that day.
  • A Recap of last week's PR Challenge Group Meeting is available in the private Community Boards. It includes fellow Tin Shingler Sierra Bailey's recent switch from advertising in Google AdWords to using AdRoll instead with success. Lots more is available in that recap which you can read here (only members can access this full recap post). Tin Shingle members can join in on these face-to-face PR Challenge calls at any time, from anywhere in the country! We meet digitally on the computer.
  •  A reminder that as a member, you have all-access to Tin Shingle's database of Media Contacts. If you have not explored them yet, they look like the photo above. You can search by Media Outlet Type (like a Magazine), or if you know the name of the Media Outlet you want, you can type in the name in that drop-down box and look for it. The Media Outlets are a great place to start if you know you want to pitch an outlet like Fast Company, but you aren't sure who is the best fit. Find this by clicking on the Media Contacts link in the Membership Benefits tab in the top of the navigation.
Have great days!