Tin Shingle On The Go! Mobile-Friendly Tap Navigation To Reach Your PR, Training & Community Centers


Staying connected to Tin Shingle while on the go is important to you. We know! We made improvements to the mobile version of the website and of your Member Center so that you can access your favorite tools with the tap of a finger. Here is what Tin Shingle's easy mobile navigation looks like from your phone:


When you want to check in and offer advice to anyone in the membership community who has submitted a question to any of the member-only advice threads in the Message Boards/Forum, including the Pitch Workshop, just tap the comment bubble! You'll see options to create a new conversation, or browse by popular or unread conversations.

Tin Shingle's Message Boards/Forum On The Go


When you want to check on a PR Lead or for a name in the Media Contact list, all you need to do is tap the star and you will be presented with a choice! Even if you have a PR Lead that you want to post, as Pamela Pekerman did this week for her product call for her media event created for Shop 4 Vasculitis 2015, you can do that from your phone as well.

Tin Shingle's PR Center On The Go Mobile


#PressPlay! When you want to get to the entire collection of Tin Shingle's training webinars called TuneUps, you can do that by pressing the Play icon. You will be taken to all categories including PR, Social Media, SEO, Newsletters, and more. Because you are a member, you can press play and listen to them for free at anytime.

Tin Shingle Streaming Training TuneUp Classes

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