Time to Lay Your Money Down on Facebook and Advertise


It's official: Facebook is putting the squeeze on free Business Pages via its social platform, making it harder to reach the people who really truly want to see what your business is up to. The web-world is changing. In the past, companies that started out offering amazing content or services for free on the web saw serious success. They were kicking butt and taking names. But there wasn't much money going into their pockets. Expect to see more charges for services that once were free, as Internet based companies take a look at their business model (or go public like LinkedIn did, Facebook did, and now Twitter is doing).

What does this mean for small business owners who are fluent in getting the word out about their businesses on these social spaces? In the Tin Shingle private members-only forum, we were talking shop about the decline of organic, unpaid views on Facebook posts from a business page. Advertising on Facebook has picked up, and while it's still not the smoothest tool to work (ie inconsistent stats, hard to navigate billing info, etc.).

If you haven't already, it's time to lay your money down and promote some posts and Facebook ads. Before you do, keep in mind that there are several things to consider when creating and running ads on Facebook. We discuss some of them here in this article covering how to advertise on Facebook during the holidays.