TechStyleNYC: 7 Innovative Brands We Met at this Week's Event


I just went to the kind of event that makes you unable to stop talking about the cool companies and brands you discovered at it, and tell their stories to everyone you know.

I've been privileged to attend TechStyle NYC for the past couple of years and I cannot say enough about it - so for those fo you who couldn't make it there in person I'm going to break down some of the highlights and amazing stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity for you here today. 

A bit of background before we begin: TechStyle, the brainchild of uber-entrepreneur, event and experience guru and PR pro Janine Just, founder of Janine Just Inc. is a series of events that happen during Fashion Week and combine conscious fashion brands with the latest technological innovations. Basically the experience invites you to meet, try and test out some of the coolest brands out there - from fashion to tech to food. I now see it as the place to discover some of the next big things in business!

I went this past February and fell in love with it, and was lucky enough to be invited back again this past week and it did not disappoint. From two guys who worked as engineers in a nuclear power plant who now run a tea company to technology that will actually calm you down via your brain waves, this event had it all. And I tried them all - for you of course!

Read on and get to know a few of my favorites, watch some video clips, get some scoop about what's new and next in the worlds of lifestyle and tech, and then click through to their websites to get the full stories from the brands themselves!


Thync Wearable Technology:
I have to begin with Thync because they honestly blew my mind. Actually, they calmed it. Upon entering TechStyle NYC I saw several people with small white patches over their eyes and I thought, "oh bless, they've hurt themselves."  Oh no.  They were wearing Thync. (Way to brand and draw attention to yourselves guys and gals).  What is Thync? It's wearable tech that you can use along with your smartphone to either calm yourself down or energize, all through the power of low energy waveforms that signal your neural pathways.  I know. Sounds high tech, but does it work? It does. I was highly skeptical when first checking it out but within minutes of "plugging in" to the calming function I felt as zen as if I'd had a glass of wine.  A  fellow user nearby who was using the energize function said he "felt like Superman."  And we're not the only ones who love it. The Wall Street Journal, CNN and PBS are all fans as well!  Even cooler? you can wear Thync for minutes and feel the effects for hours. Curious, aren't you? Visit Thync online and get the full story (and perhaps a Thync for yourself!

Sound Tea

Sound, the sparkling tea for me!
[Editor's note: these entrepreneurs' career changes are the most interesting I've heard in a long time, be sure not to miss it!]

Fun fact about my family: my husband LOVES carbonating anything and everything drinkable via our Soda Stream. But I'll also admit that not all of it tastes great (like the time he tried to carbonate coffee...not good). Another fun fact: I love tea. LOVE it. But I hate how so many teas I grab at the store are packed with everything I don't like about soda (sugar, chemicals I can't pronounce, preservatives).  That's why I was so pumped to discover Sound sparkling tea at TechStyle NYC. Sound is delicious, sugar free, preservative fee and fizzy.  Their chamomile vanilla flavor tastes like a cream soda, without the guilt. Just as interesting? They were created by two engineers who previously worked at nuclear power plant.  Now they make tea.  I just love entrepreneurial stories like that!  From their taste to their packaging, Sound is spot on and you can buy them online or in select retailers.  Give it a try! In a world of questionable beverages, they're the real deal!

Rejected Hearts Club

Rejected Hearts Club
See below for a beautiful video the team took of the event.

This accessories company's motto is: The heart you gave away, the heart that was rejected, the heart we give back to you. Makes you curious, eh? Was there a breakup involved in this brand's birth? Yes there was. But instead of wallowing in post-breakup-pity, founder Jamie Batiste started a business after making jewelry as a creative outlet for her painful split. The breakup, which was intially a bummer, has blossomed into a thriving accessories brand.  As Jamie herself has said, "I turned a breakup to a business and regained my independence. We have all had plenty of struggles; its how you come out of it that matters the most. I create jewelry for men and woman that transform into stand-out pieces that command attention and exude confidence. Always remember to love yourself no matter what or who hurts you."   The end result of her personal and professional journey is a beautiful and affordable accessories brand. Silver lining! Bonus point to mention: Jamie is an incredible entrepreneur with an amazing team of hustlers. Their energy and enthusiasm is palpable! Expect big things from this business!


Do you Brode when you're having drinks? What about during a workout.  Well you should! What is Brode, you ask? Down with the Gatorade and other hydrating, electrolyte repleneshing drinks and up with Brode. These babies are electrolyte vitamins that are free from sugar, sweeteners or gross flavors (I'll be honest, I think that Gatorade is the Axe Body Spray of drinks) that you pop mid-cocktails or mid-workout to guarantee a smooth recovery. You can even take these when you're flying in a dry airplane cabin.  The convenient pill works to give your body an extra signal to maintain a proper electrolyte-water balance, supporting proper nutrition. I love it already because it keeps your recovery process - from whatever you're up to - healthy, instead of filling it with more gross or unappealing stuff.

Score your packets of Brode online and head over to their site to learn more about their story, and #BrodeBenefits.


If you're a woman you know the struggle behind finding a perfect bra. Straps are slipping, padding is prodding, the whole experience can be disheartening. Enter Peach. Founded by two business school classmate, Peach is revolutionizing the bra-fitting and wearing process, and has also moved on to the softest most inviting loungewear I've felt in a long time. But that is not all they do! Peach is also "paying it forward" in a way with their sales model, as they employ "stylists" who do the bra fittings for you, in your home, using their own sizing method, thus giving hundreds of other women the chance to work independently for themselves while spreading the Peach message.  Think Stella & Dot for intimates.  This totally makes sense to me as bras are one of the only articles of clothing that you really should get fitted properly for, yet most of us aren't.  Yes, you can buy them directly online but who doesn't want to have a bra that really fits right? Visit Peach online, set up an appointment and get a bra that you like.  Thank you innovative entrepreneurs!

Life Therapy

Color me impressed. The moment I met Lynette, the founder of Lifetherapy that's how I felt, though "met" feels funny to say now as she already knew about Tin Shingle and me before we crossed paths. The world of entrepreneurship is small my friends! Lynette's company focuses on the power of scents and colors to impact the way we feel and influence our frame of mind. Makes sense as how many of us relax when we smell cookies baking, cut grass, or light a candle when we take a hot bath. Scents and colors have power, and Lynette has made a business out of just that. I was instantly obsessed with her fragrances and body products, which were packaged as perfectly as they smelled. Breathe in relaxation, calm and positivity and visit Lynette and Lifetherapy online. One more shout out to Lynette: she blogs about all things related to her brand, a good business move and a sure sign of a savvy entrepreneur. I smell big success in her future. (Couldn't help myself).

Kopi Trading Company

Kopi Trading Co. / Kopi Cold Brew

Listen, I won't even pretend I'm a coffee connoisseur but I know when it tastes delicious. And I'll leave the higher level critiques to my husband who scored the bottle of Kopi Trading Company cold brew that I brought home from TechStyle NYC. Maybe it's because they use Indonesian beans (so many other companies use African beans), maybe it's because they roast them locally, maybe it's because they donate a portion of their profits to an Indonesian literacy charity or perhaps because they are founded by a brother/sister duo. Or maybe it is because they were serving coffee-based cocktails at TechStyle. What I know for sure is that they were delicious, and gave my other half energy all day long. Shop Kopi cold brew online and choose from ready-to-drink cold brew, cold brew concentrate or the beans themselves and experience the difference that Indonesia beans (and an entrepreneurial spirit) can mean for your coffee!

To learn more about TechStyle and all the brands featured there, as well as those at their upcoming LA events, follow them on Facebook and search the #TechStyleNYC hashtag on Instagram for photos of the events from the brands and attendees themselves!