The Story of Sabina Les Scarves


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To Sabina, being an entrepreneur means having the ability to create a vision and give it to people to enjoy and make it a part of their lives.

After being laid off from her job a year ago, Sabina started working on making her lifelong dream of having a fashion brand a reality. Entrepreneurship is no stranger to Sabina. Her family, originally from Kiev, Ukraine, worked their way towards the American Dream.

Currently, the Sabina Les brand is a one-woman show, produced by Sabina herself. She doe all of the textile and style designs, production, selling, promoting, and all the legwork in between. Her first year in business was turbulent, marked by the recession period, and learning from her mistakes. Despite that, during her first year, Sabina Les caught the attention of notables such as Bloomingdales, Henry Bendel, Elle Magazine, fashion style book, The Today Show, and others.

The scarf you see here is from Sabina's Signature Scarf collection. All textile art is designed by Sabina and proudly manufactured in the USA.